Essay About Discrimination In America

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America has not always the great country we have been lead to believe. Since the end of the civil war, racism against blacks grew greater and greater with every passing day making it harder for these people to live their lives. This leads to the unfair treatment of immigrants trying to find a new life in America after being pushed out of their countries by poverty, revolution, and starvation. These events happen with an incompetent government only interested in doing anything to benefit itself. America has treated the people living within and arriving at the country with discrimination with an incompetent government.
Many people suffered continues from racism even after Abraham Lincoln addressed the emancipation proclamation. In fact, the newly
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The prime example of such is the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. The act stopped Chinese and many other Asians from entering America and became the first time race was used to exclude a group from entering the country. In addition to this exclusion, many Chinese children were not allowed to enroll in public schools and much Chinese living in America were not allowed to have jobs. Also, American business used immigrants as a way to make easy money since a significant portion of them did not know how to read English. In fact, many real estate agencies sold houses "with the idea that the people who bought them would not be able to pay for them" and the company would "sell it all over again". Also, all big businesses saw immigrants as a means of cheap labor and were always ready to hire more when one dies, quits or become too sick. For instance, when one worker breaks their leg, the foreman usually finds "someone else to do the work" causing them to take "his place with the mob of the unemployed". The hardships of an immigrant treated as bugs and cheap labor, they live a tough life in what they were told to be a country of opportunity, and the government had no intention of helping anyone else but

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