Unfair Treatment Of Reconstruction

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America has not always the great country we have been lead to believe. Since the end of the civil war, racism against blacks grew greater and greater with every passing day making it harder for these people to live their lives. This leads to the unfair treatment of immigrants trying to find a new life in America after being pushed out of their countries by poverty, revolution, and starvation. These events happen with an incompetent government only interested in doing anything to benefit itself. America has treated the people living within and arriving at the country with discrimination with an incompetent government.
Many people suffered continues from racism even after Abraham Lincoln addressed the emancipation proclamation. In fact, the newly
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While America was during the era of Reconstruction, the freed black men were given the freedom they longed for while women were ignored. The newly freed slaves were "guaranteed equality... by the Fourteenth Amendment" and "the right to vote by the Fifteenth." These amendments caused an uproar among the women activists "demanding that the boundaries... be expanded to include them as well" since they saw this as a restriction of their natural rights. While women fought for their rights, the US government decided to spread their influence in the world in the post-Spanish-American War. Instead of giving the Philippines the liberty they 've been fighting for, the US refused "to grant the right" of "American traditional self-government" to the Philippines and secured "control of the Philippines" thus making their presence known in Asia. Also, Hawaiian queen Liliuokalani attempts to regain her power in her home country; The US government supports a group of American farmers planning a coup to overthrow the Hawaiian queen. With the queen 's surrender, the US annexed Hawaii securing one of the world 's sugar crop and a new export. The government cared little for those in its country as well as others countries as long as they find ways to benefit

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