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  • Julius And Ethel Rosenberg Spies Analysis

    At this point the spy ring was becoming very proficient at their jobs and were beginning to utilize surveillance detection routes to minimize the threat of being discovered by any potential US counterintelligence operation deployed against them. When the Soviets examined the information provided by Fuchs through the Rosenberg spy ring they noted the information to be, “extremely excellent and valuable”. The information contained many technical drawings of explosive ‘lenses’ to initiate the fission reaction within the bomb and numerous research reports encompassing almost every aspect of the atomic bomb design. The information also contained detailed descriptions of technical design breakthroughs made by the Los Alamos team that took the US years to…

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  • Maximum Ride Nevermore Analysis

    Also, in Maximum Ride: Nevermore, Fang is the second in command, right behind Max, the leader. He is quiet, but he knows more than he lets on. In A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning, Klaus is the brains behind the operation, he is also quiet, but he is always thinking. Last, Angel is apart of the flock and Sunny is apart of the Baudelaire family. Both characters are young and are seen as weak, but in reality they are both intelligent and know more than you would expect. In Maximum…

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  • The Influence Of The United States During The Cold War

    Before Fuchs had been in the US he would have a tenure in Britain under the GRU but his greatest contributions would come from his time in the US. The significance of Fuchs’ passing of US atomic secrets to the Soviets was that it enabled the Soviets to properly make an atomic bomb and further understand nuclear technology. The FBI and US personnel’s were not aware of Soviet infiltration within US facilities until much later when suspicion and clear evidence had shown that there were spies…

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  • The Manhattan Project: The First Nuclear Weapons During World War II

    The Manhattan Project was a project that produced the first nuclear weapons during World War II. It all started when Einstein found out the Germans were working on a new and more powerful weapon for war. Einstein wrote a letter to the president which helped initiate the effort to build an atomic bomb. In December 1941 the government launched the Manhattan project. The project was originally named Development of Substitute Materials. It included over 30 different research and production…

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  • The Atomic Bomb: The Cause Of The Cold War

    for a stop to future developments of similar weapons (“J. Robert Oppenheimer”). If the war would not have continued at the cost of more bloodshed, he would have regretted his efforts put into the inception of the atomic bomb. Oppenheimer had even said to President Truman, “Mr. President, I have blood on my hands” (“Julius Robert Oppenheimer”). When this was said, a creator regretted his own creation. Another disruption in trust among scientists was a Soviet spy who had infiltrated “the inner…

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  • Moral Conundrums: The Creation Of The Atomic Bomb

    officials did not want to give all the information learned to British and Canadian governments). Even though secrecy was attempted to be maintained, Soviet spies gained access to classified documents about the project. One of the most famous nuclear spies was Klaus Fuchs. Fuchs was a German-born scientist who left Germany for Great Britain because he was a communist sympathizer . He became a prominent figure among British physicists. Surprisingly, Fuchs was able to be transferred to work on the…

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  • Ethel And Julius Rosenberg's Trial Analysis

    Alavi is successful in describing the myriad of ways that the Rosenberg trial was tainted by the tactics used by the government, the prosecution, the media, the lack of evidence and the testimony of unscrupulous witnesses. Whether they were innocent or guilty they were still entitled to due process and a fair trial and in this regard the government failed immensely. The Trial of the Century, as it was referred to at the time, was the case against Ethel and Julius Rosenberg for conspiracy…

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  • The Sympathizer By Viet Thanh Nguyen: Character Analysis

    resulting in the deaths of 50,000 soldiers. That was false as, although it is pretty much certain she was a spy, the only secrets ever told by Mata Hari were about the sex lives of French politicians and generals. All the information that was revealed by Mata Hari was information that could easily be found in a newspaper. The fact that the Germans were not getting any meaningful information was one of the deciding factors in revealing Hata Mari as a spy to the French. There have also been…

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  • Dropping The Atomic Bomb: Justice Or Not?

    to this he was able to bring all the top minds into this project this was called the largest collective scientific effort ever. The first few studies were taken at Universities such as University of Columbia, Berkeley, and Chicago. At the University of Chicago a breakthrough happened where they were able to control a nuclear chain reaction and this was the stepping stone for the development of the atom bomb. While this was being created this was all done in silent not many americans knew about…

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  • The Manhattan Project Analysis

    At Los Alamos, security was a top priority for Oppenheimer and Groves. Identification badges were required throughout the premises, and all outgoing mail was read and inspected for any possible information leaks (Kelly 169). Although such measures may appear to have breached on the rights of those involved, they were soon justified when scientists Klaus Fuchs and Ted Hall were discovered to be sharing information on American progress with the Soviets (Kelly 249). Although those at Los Alamos…

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