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  • Essay On Vikings

    Throughout the course of history the Vikings have been characterized by historians and the very people who encountered them as savages, barbarians, and thieves. However, under close examination it is clear that many of the practices and skills that were developed and used by the Vikings in Eighth century Europe have served as additions not only to art but they also influenced changes in government that proved positive for future government protection. The viking way of nature was not to to capture, enslave and conquer the peoples of the land which they raided. Moreover the Vikings were very oriented and organized . The main agenda of the vikings was to stealthily make their presence on the land with their marvelously engineered and decorated longships, savagely loot the country and possibly establish some business trade with the locals. A distinct practice that the Hiberno-saxons did on their homeland and abroad was stone carvings as remembrance markers or Rune Stones. Of the stones still intact today the one patroned by King Harald Bluetooth’s demonstrates commemoration to his parents Gorm and Thyra. The pattern that was used on these Rune stones became increasingly popular until a trend emerged in Scandinavia and the British Isles. The trend resembled the interlocking beastly animals from the Ship found at Osenberg. It is even suggested in the text that the style very well resembles and could have been inspired to the Hiberno-saxon art. Such Hiberno-saxon detail of the…

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  • Uncoupled And Coupled Analysis: Catcher North Sea

    K'ak' Naab Gulf of Mexico 2500000 340.50 65.06 Alvheim North Sea 560000 252.16 42.00 23.20 Anasuria FPSO North Sea 850000 234.20 44.80 Aokaizu North Sea 618990 248.10 42.00 21.20 Asgard A North Sea 910000 276.00 45.00 26.00 Bleo Holm North Sea 689472 242.30 42.00 21.20 Captain North Sea 550000 214.70 38.00 24.00 Catcher North Sea 650000 241.00 50.00 Enquest Producer North Sea 625000 236.00 40.00 Glen Lyon North Sea 1060000 270.00 52.00 Global Producer III North Sea 550000 217.19 38.04…

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