Julius And Ethel Rosenberg Spies Analysis

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Julius and Ethel Rosenberg Nuclear Spies Julius Rosenberg was born in New York City on 12 May 1918, the son of Russian immigrants. He attended Seward High School and upon graduation began studies at City College in 1934, where he earned a degree in electrical engineering. During his time at City College that Julius became involved with the local chapter of the Young Communist League, a recruiting wing of the much larger US Communist Party.
Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg was born in New York City on 28 September 1915, the daughter of Russian immigrants. Ethel worked as a secretary and began a close friendship with Julius during the Young Communist League meetings they both attended. Since its formation in 1929, the US chapters of the
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The Rosenbergs were making regular trips west to collect the information David had gathered and the trips were extremely time consuming and difficult on the rudimentary highways of the time. These trips would also be a red flag to US Intelligence if the Rosenbergs came under surveillance. To alleviate this problem, Julius and Ethel decided David’s wife, Ruth Greenglass would move to a residence in Albuquerque, New Mexico to act as a courier to pass information gathered by David to Soviet agents already working in the area around the Los Alamos facilities. Ruth would transport the information provided by David in her purse. She would then meet her Soviet contact at a local grocery store and would identify the individuals sent to meet her by using the side of a Jell-O box. The Soviet agent would have the matching piece of the box and once positively identified, Ruth would swap purses with the Soviet Agent and leave the …show more content…
At this point the spy ring was becoming very proficient at their jobs and were beginning to utilize surveillance detection routes to minimize the threat of being discovered by any potential US counterintelligence operation deployed against them.
When the Soviets examined the information provided by Fuchs through the Rosenberg spy ring they noted the information to be, “extremely excellent and valuable”. The information contained many technical drawings of explosive ‘lenses’ to initiate the fission reaction within the bomb and numerous research reports encompassing almost every aspect of the atomic bomb design. The information also contained detailed descriptions of technical design breakthroughs made by the Los Alamos team that took the US years to

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