Student Learning Styles

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Name: Zainab Moriba
Institution: Grand Canyon University

This paper explores the connection between students and preferred learning style. A constructivist perspective of student learning can be described as a progression of internalizing or building the knowledge presented by interactions with the instructor and other students (Dunn et al., 1995). Students these days have very busy lives and are always looking for study methods. There are tons of different study methods in use this day, one of the most popular is the Visual, aural /auditory, read/write and kinesthetic (VARK). According to this learning style, the focus is on the four different groups of learners, and they are listed in the acronym
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According to my result, I demonstrate a combination of learning styles. Preferable learning strategy for me is auditory and kinesthetic as predicted. These two learning styles works very well because hearing the information makes things register more quickly and it kind of echo in my head and the information can be easily recalled when needed. Reading the information can be a big challenge for me, but if someone else was to talk me through the information, it will make more sense than having to actually read it myself. Kinesthetic learning style which is also a category that I fall into also another way for me to learn and great success have been achieved for me in the past, alternatively interacting with the information is very helpful for me, giving me that hands on privilege When there are resources available for hands-on practice is usually a plus for me. Physically touching the material is extremely important especially when the skill is more of a physical one. If the instructors can make provision to incorporate students preferred learning style, students will be more successful …show more content…
Identifying basic personal learning style sort of feeds-back the mastery for that learning style. Knowing one 's learning style from student perspectives, helps a person to become a better learner, because it give back so many skills such as learning skills, incitation skills, helps expand memory, and also a better understanding of materials. Learning becomes more learnable when the suited learning style is well utilized. The idea is simple, but the influence on learning style is even greater, especially when it comes to education. This exercise has greatly influenced my learning in a very positive way. It has helped me to discover my preferred learning style and myself. This is a very interesting experience for me; it gets me thinking deeper. The results will be used to the best of my abilities. Applying this discovery will help shape educational success and achievement for

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