Strategic Leading And Management Process: Evaluate The Strategic Outcome

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Step # 3 Evaluate the strategic Outcome
The evaluation of the above audit is dissected to fully understand what skills is required is as follows. These skills are the most useful skills I seem to possess as well as my strongest skill I have use throughout my development of my professional and personal life.

Analytical Skills (score #10). This indicates that I frequently use this skill, the usefulness of it help to compare, evaluate and to deal with the complexity of situations that I may encounter.

Learning Skills (score # 10).
It informs that I am able to grasp new knowledge, and sensibility needed to resolve a new problem using the feedback effectively to derive at the desired result.

Conflict Resolution Skills (score # 9.
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Even though I consider being logical, it need to applied to my writing skills, with the improvement of creativity.

Team Membership Skills (score # 5)
Working with group members or committees is a skill that I wish to develop. Developing this skills it will contribute to my over all development. This also helps me to put things into perspective to achieve a common goal.

Leading and Managing Others ( score # 5)
The priorities skill has developed over time, but need nurturing. I have display leading and management skills, even though “it is not down to a science”, I am still able to delegate, inspire and motivate people effectively.

Technical Competence ( sore # 4) This hurdle is vivid, analysis of my technical and financial aspect is very important, it indicates to me that these are my weak points and are use to its full capacity. They need to be address immediately.

Making Presentations (score # 4)
Confidence is the main contributor as was discover in the SWOT. I have the ability to structure information but fail to deliver to target audience. I do not like to presentation the fact that I have to stand in front of an
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This help to indentify my shortcomings as well as my true potential. With this knowledge, I am now able to embrace my strongest skills, and give attention to my weakest areas.
This evaluation is essential to my personal and professional development, as this will bring me to the desired destination, “to be a good leader and to lead people, you will have to identify yourself first (Hunter, 2015). It has highlighted the skills that need improvement, that are inter-dependent skills , that go hand -in- hand, to carry out specific functions. However it also highlighted some important factors that is contrary I was in terms of certain skills that I thought I was good at but this audit showed the opposite, in which came very surprising as I use these on day-to-day basis.
This indicates to me that even though these skills are used for daily functions, the application that is used may need adjustment for effective out come.The skills that have lowest score should be carefully analyzed to meet the leadership requirements for present and future growth, because these skill and competence are strong desire of what a good leader represent.
AC. 2.2 Apply appropriate techniques to identify preferred learning

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