Professional Teaching Standards

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While reviewing the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards, I developed my own ideas on how each standard would apply in my own classroom. The standards allowed me to understand how to run a classroom, in order to benefit my students. Each standard goes into detail how a teacher could incorporate them into their classroom. With that being said, they leave room for interpretation. This way each teacher who reads them is able to interpret and apply them to their classroom. All six standards are great and have value, but there are some characteristics that were left out. I will explain my interpretation and give examples for my classroom. However, I will add my own standards to the list. With the NC standards and my own, my students will …show more content…
They are fun, caring, passionate, patient, flexible and enthusiastic. When we add these qualities to the NC Standards teachers are able to develop a well-rounded classroom. A teacher that is enthusiastic and fun, it allows students to be excited about learning. When the students are excited about learning, they are more willing to continue to learn in the future. I will incorporate these two qualities by always having a positive attitude and incorporating the students’ interest into the lessons. When teachers are passionate and caring, students develop respect for the teachers. This is because they see how much the teacher cares they get a sense of safety, and they will do whatever they can to keep that feeling. I will always be passionate about the lessons I am teaching, and make sure each student is cared for like they were my own child. The last two are patient and flexible. Teachers need these because working with children can be overwhelming, but if one is patient and flexible they can make it through even the toughest of days. I will practice theses by rolling with whatever my students through at me. All of the NC Standards are great, but these qualities need to be incorporated. With the information from the NC Professional Teaching Standards and the standard I have made, my classroom will be a safe and educational environment for students to learn. I will do everything in my path to meet standard set forth to ensure that my students are given the best education. If can uphold each standard, my students will have experienced the best education I can give. At the end of the day, all that matters is that each student leaves the classroom with the confidence to continue their

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