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  • Why Cell Phones Should Be Allowed In Prison

    to sleep at night do you feel safe? Prisons have came along way since the late 1700 , with brutal beheadings ,stonings ,and hangings changes was much needed for humans to live in a place of peace and security. Prisons should be secure everywhere in the country no matter the circumstances. There are many issues when it comes to the security of humans whether they are convicts or not. Smuggling is also a big issue in prisons in today's times. Most people think shanks and knives are the biggest things inmates want in prisons but it's not the most inmates are trying to get their hands on something every kid in the world wants.Cellphones are the most valuable things to inmates in prisons.…

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  • The Case Of Steven Avery

    In 1985, an innocent man was sent to prison for a sentence of 36 years. This man’s name was Steven Avery. Steven was a resident on Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. A county where the police, the people you shouldn’t be afraid of, didn’t quite accept Avery because of an incident with his cousin, who was also the wife of the deputy, some time back, against Sandy Morris. The incident involved an empty fire arm weapon, which he pointed at Morris, when asked why he did it, his didn’t like the rumors…

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  • If I Would Be A Plant Cell Essay

    town I can get farther than just the nucleus. To start off, I am going to start with the one in charge of the whole cell or town. The one that is in charge of the cell is the nucleus. In a town it is the mayor or the town hall. There is a reason why I way that is because the mayor makes the laws in the town hall, so basically the mayor is the nucleolus and the town hall is the nucleus.…

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  • My Prison

    Every prison has four major purposes retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, and rehabilitation. I think that my prison embodies all of these better than most. When creating my prison I heavily focused on the rehabilitation flaws that most prisons have. The U.S. has close to a 75% reincarceration rate. I designed a prison that I think will lower this and change the way we think of prisons. What makes my prison different is the setup and goal. My prison is a combination of a minimum and…

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  • Effects Of Overpopulation In Prisons

    In today’s prison systems in the United States, prisons are being flooded with an extremely large amount of new inmates resulting in prisons in the United States becoming more and more overpopulated. The problem of prison overpopulation is only getting worse and becoming a major issue for the United States prison systems. Federal prisons are already 41 percent over their rated capacity and there are still inmates pouring into the prisons every day. There are several problems with prison…

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  • Analysis Of Stanley Tookie Williams

    for this essay, the information given will cover mostly his years spent in prison. Stanley grew up and lived in South Central Los Angeles (Williams,13). When Stanley was young, growing up in his neighborhood, most of his friends had older siblings that had spent time in and out of prison. They would talk about their experiences in prison as a place they would like to back to, a place where boys turned into men. They would glorify the experience, Stanley thought it would be a place he would like…

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  • Problems With Overcrowded Prisons

    Prison overcrowding is quickly becoming a major financial and controversial problem in the United States. It has also come our concern that many correctional facilities are operating under hazardous conditions, which include operating past the maximum capacity. With that being said that causes a major issue for the safety of our inmates and especially our correctional guards who go with in the cell blocks with only a stab proof vest, handcuffs, walkie talkie, and pepper spray. With overcrowded…

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  • Bibb County Sheriff Department Analysis

    The correctional officers and other personnel use their cell phones freely in the correctional facility. Most jails and prisons prevents cell phones from entering in the facility, because it make it easy for correctional officers to give inmates cellphones. As we have learned in correctional classes, cells phones obtained by inmates are considered contraband. Cell phones in correctional facilities are a serious problem that threaten the security of the prison. According to Mann (2015), the use…

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  • Solitary Confinement In Prisons

    confinement plays an important role in keeping prison guards and other inmates safe. If an inmate is placed in solitary confinement they most likely did something wrong or disrespectful to the prison, the prison guards or the other inmates. An inmate can also end up in solitary confinement if they are at risk of being injured by another inmate, keeping them separate and isolated keeps them safe. The practice of solitary confinement helps the inmate understand that their choices have consequences…

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  • The Importance Of Life Sentence In Prisons

    A juvenile can be tried as an adult and be given a life sentence in prison for numerous reasons, but the main one being murder. According to the Offices of The United States Attorneys, a juvenile is someone who has "not attained his eighteenth birthday." In other words, a juvenile is a minor, which is someone who is under the age of eighteen. A juvenile is someone who is legally not yet considered an adult in the eyes of the law. A juvenile is basically a child. Although the child may have…

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