Difference Between Principal And Superintendent

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Principal vs. Superintendent Principals and Superintendents are both administrative professionals within a school district setting. Both administrators are leaders and work closely together to assure the district mission and vision is being met. Superintendents and principals work together to write, review, and enforce policies and procedures throughout the district. Although both administrators work closely together, their roles within the district differ tremendously. The superintendent oversees the entire district, whereas a principal oversees an assigned school building.
First off, the roles of a superintendent differ from a principal based on the decisions each leader must make. The superintendent makes decisions regarding programs and
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However, most of their decisions must then be approved or brought to the attention of the superintendent. Principals make decisions about the implementation and effectiveness of curriculums or programs. Principals can meet with teachers and discuss ways to improve and supplement the curriculum or programs being used. They can also serve on a hiring committee to hire new faculty and staff in their building. Principals can make changes to teachers schedules based on students’ needs and schedules. Principals approve minor necessary repairs to the physical facility, such as plumbing and carpentry repairs. They also approve the spending of budget money within their school. Teachers are given a budget each year to spend on learning materials and supplies, but the principal must approve. The remaining balance principals use to enhance the learning environment, update technology, etc.
Another difference between the job duties of a superintendent and a principal is their role in writing and reviewing procedures. Superintendents are responsible for writing district-wide policies and revising as necessary. Superintendents must also assure that all district personnel are following policies and procedures, which is why district-wide meetings are held at the beginning of every school year to review new and old policies. School district personnel are also given employee handbooks containing district
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Both administrators work closely to build community relations with parents, students, businesses, and tax payers. Superintendents work closely with principals to assure district mission and vision is being maintained, as well as district policies being enforced. Although superintendents and principals work closely together, their roles vary within a district. Superintendents make decisions regarding programs and curriculums, hiring or firing of faculty and staff members, physical facilities, and budgets that affect the entire district. Whereas, principals make decisions that affect the building that they oversee on a daily

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