Machiavelli's The Prince

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The first piece of evidence to suggest Machiavelli is the prince is seen in the Dedicatory Letter. Machiavelli states, “... no greater gift could be made by me than to give you the capacity to be able to understand...all that I have learned and understood in so many years...” (Prince, dedication). This statement suggests that Machiavelli is persuading Lorenzo de Medici that his involvement in politics and his knowledge of the ancients make him an invaluable adviser. Thus proving that intellect is a key component in being a ruler. Machiavelli hence suggests that it is in the ruler’s best interest to set aside previous beliefs about politics and look at the truth. Through the process of seeking truth, Machiavelli is extremely aware of mankind's shortcomings (Prince, ch.17). Being aware of these failures enables him to see that in order to live a safe life one must embrace these flaws. Thus if someone acts in a “rotten” manner he will likely be feared rather than loved (Prince, ch.17). While being feared might seem unnecessary to some, Machiavelli goes on to note that being loved is a much more dangerous way of life because, love, is held by men who are “wicked”. Without the instilment of fear, the loyalty that comes from love would be “broken at every opportunity” for mans own advantage (Prince, ch.17). Furthermore, because Machiavelli was banished, it is suggested that he was indeed feared and not only because of …show more content…
This imagery further proves that in order to act as a lion, one must show fear even when threatened. In order to be the elusive fox, one must be able to be “a great liar and hypocrite” (Prince, ch.18). In my opinion, Machiavelli is both the lion and the fox. He is ferocious like the lion because he was able to overcome his obstacles. He is elusive like the fox because he himself wants to be seen as the

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