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  • Cinderella And Princess Culture 'And The Princess Paradox'

    “Cinderella and Princess Culture” written by Peggy Orenstein and “The Princess Paradox” written by James Poniewozik are two articles that compare fairytale life to the real world, analyzing the purpose of princesses in today’s society. While both authors use feministic points of view to convey how being exposed to princesses impacts a child’s future, Peggy Orenstein believes marketing strategies and princess trends set unrealistic goals for young girls and James Poniewozik believes modern princesses teach girls how to control their own destiny. One main focal point of both articles was how modern princess trends relate…

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  • Princess Eulogy Analysis

    Earl of Spencer’s Eulogy for Diana: A Different Approach Six days after the untimely death of Diana, Princess of Wales the Earl of Spencer delivered a heartfelt eulogy to pay tribute to his sister. A eulogy can be defined as speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly, typically someone who has just died (Eulogy, n.d.). The Earl used this eulogy not only to praise his deceased sister’s attributes but to call out those whom he felt had victimized his sister through her…

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  • The Princess And The Frog Analysis

    their movies. I have selected the animated film, The Princess and the Frog (2005). In the film, Tiana represents The Other of African American’s in the 19th century. In The Princess and the Frog, Tiana is faced with issues of racism, privileged whites, and achieving status. These are all reoccurring problems that African American’s were faced with during slavery. The Princess and the Frog was the very first Walt Disney…

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  • The Disney Princess Effect

    The Disney Princess Effect Does Disney effect how younger children see themselves? Young children are exposed to countless movies, television series, and toys that can lead them to create their own self image in the future. Numerous studies have been preformed to see if these social medias have effected younger males and females with gender role and self image. Some say it has little to no effect on how their children grow up. That it gives no unrealistic view on how they perceive themselves.…

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  • Death In The Princess Bride

    be seen in the works of The Princess Bride and “Lancelot the Knight of the Cart”, death itself represents the quest through multiple stages of a hero’s journey, bringing a new dimension of life that does not simply mean the end.…

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  • Disney Princess Analysis

    by taking small steps. In 1992, Aladdin was the first movie where the main character had a different ethnicity, but the condescending plot stayed the same. The next big leap was in “Mulan”, where the plot dramatically changed. Mulan was an Asian girl who pretended to be a man so she could fight in the army. This movie showed the strength in women, but it still turned fighting for your country into a man’s job. In 2009, Tiana became the first African-American princess in “The Princess and the…

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  • Princess Diana's Suicide

    The death of the once beloved Princess of Wales was a tragedy to not only her loving country England, but all across the world. As soon as the fatal car accident occurred, Diana’s face scattered the covers of tabloids, newspapers, and the internet. She was a sensation to the public and her death was unbelievable. Princess Diana, the loving mother of her two sons, Prince William and Harry, was killed in deadly car crash on the last day of August, 1997. Immediately after the crash took place,…

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  • Cinderella And Princess Culture Summary

    In both “The Princess Paradox” by James Poniewozik and “Cinderella and Princess Culture” by Peggy Orenstein, the princess culture is agreed upon; however, the authors vary their opinions of how the fairytail dream of pink dresses and sparkly crowns came to be. Poniewozik opens up his article by addressing the “kick-ass culture,” while Orenstein focuses on how princesses have diminished the feeling of confidence and independence that young girls should experience. While some may believe that…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Princess Diana

    was only a Princess, but in reality, she was so much more. Diana was a mother, a sister, a friend and overall a great woman and the most adored member of the British royal family. “Diana served as a strong supporter of many charities and worked to help the homeless, people living with HIV and AIDS, and children in need” (Princess Diana-Princess, Children’s Activist, par. 7).The death of Princess Diana is surrounded with controversy. In the minds of many people her death is an unsolved mystery.…

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  • The Princess Bride Literary Analysis

    William Goldman’s abridgment The Princess Bride is a fairy tale. Generally the number three or seven occur in fairy tales (Ashliman). Ofttimes, fairy tales have a “happily ever after” ending. Fairy tales usually begin the story with “Once upon a time…”, and take place in a far away setting and time. Magic will appear a number of times in fairy tales. Magic will occur in fairies, witches, or talking animals. Fairy tales are written to show children that even with the toughest struggles in life,…

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