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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At Akamai Technologies

    The Survival of an individual in the IT industry hinges on technology expertise and implementation skills. I was told about these two lifelines by my senior colleagues multiple times, but as the saying goes "realization comes with experience '. I personally understood this while was working on a critical project at Akamai Technologies. I was a Project manager and an integration specialist; wherein my primary responsibilities were to be an Akamai Product expert and be a Technical lead on integrations for the premium clients. Handling both the aspects was quite a challenge. I was able to overcome this challenge with specific skills and strategies. I did get recognized for the efforts had put in the project, but the most decisive moment came in when my efforts gained VP level visibility for one of my major projects (AT&T migration project), then realized that polishing my current technical skills would take my career growth to the next level in this industry, At Akamai Technologies, I was given a chance to explore internet, network security and several cyber security products. In the process of integrating these products with customer websites, I got a chance to deepen my knowledge about HTTP, TCP connections, proxies, cloud computing and network security, Apart from AT&T migration project, I was the primary Solutions Architect for premium commerce customers like Kohls, Abercrombie, Sears and this has helped me gain experience in handling such Complex projects in a sophisticated…

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  • Major Project Management Methodologies Analysis

    in this section are the PRINCE2, Hermes, and V-Modell and methods, in addition to the PMBOK framework. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all project management methods currently available in the field. However these four were considered…

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  • Using PRINCE 2: Principles, Themes And Processes

    management is required to complete that task and selecting a right methodology is very crucial when the stakes are high. Then it is affirmative that for getting a project through a successful and controlled start, middle and end, PRINCE2 offers the best project management “road map” (Weese–2010). This method works on three integrated elements of principles, themes and processes. The principles determines whether the project is genuinely being managed using PRINCE2. Unless not all the seven…

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  • Agile Project Management Process

    methodologies, to use for a specific project. The project manager (PM) should also consider the strengths and weaknesses of the team when using any methodology due to certain methodologies being more compatible with certain types of people. The use of a specific project management methodology should therefore be carefully considered with regards to both the project, and the stakeholders involved. This report will discuss four selected methodologies and a recommendation will be advised for a…

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  • Ce2 Vs Pmbok

    Working as a Project manager in new training facility to train IS an employee for IT industry has its advantages. For this, I have to choose among the project management techniques available such as PMBOK and PRINCE2. Both of them have its advantages and disadvantages so first I need to analyze which one is better for such case. Various texts available on PMBOK and PRINCE2 provides good overview of both the techniques; I am summarizing the key points from both then will decide which one will…

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  • Project Management: A Case Study

    References Buehring, S. (2012, November 16). Comparing PRINCE2 and the PMBOK. Retrieved from SlideShare: Charvat, J. (1967). Project Management Methodologies: Selecting, Implementing and Supporting Methodologies and Processes for Projects. New Jersey: John Wiley & Son's Inc. Group, I. (2017). PRINCE2. Retrieved from Kerzner, H. (2009). Project Management A system Approach to Planning, Scheduling and Controlling. New Jersey:…

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  • PMBOK And PRINCE 2: Project Management Approach

    Methodology and its concept To better understand the advantages and disadvantages of using a project management approach based on model-based methodologies, I will begin with reviewing the concepts and definitions. Then I 'll discuss about the major differences of PMBOK® and PRINCE2® project management standards. Methodology defines a system of practices, techniques, procedures and rules used by those who work in a discipline. For example risk or time management methodology defines the…

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  • Critical Analysis Of Scrum

    similarities and the differences between two management approaches concerning the business case theme. The first methodology that is going to be described is Prince2, where an overview of its main characteristics will be provided. Then, the essay will explain the same…

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  • Project Management Reflective Report

    The methodology which we used in our project is PRINCE2 (Projects in controlled environment). PRINCE2 is a very effective project management because of it contains a lot good description and a clear idea about the project. In this project management methodology contains such type of documents which explain the PRINCE2 like RACI Matrix, Project Initiation Documents (PIDs), risk management, issues logs, Gantt chart, lesson learned report and social media like FB page to advertise and making a…

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  • Evaluating Project Governance Methodologies

    Q1 GOVERNANCE Evaluate project governance guidelines (such as AS8016 and 6Q Governance™) to determine whether they have more potential to overcome the problem of IT project failure than project management methodologies (such as PMBOK and PRINCE2). Over the last three decades, coping with large information technology(IT) projects has been a difficult and important problem for both practitioners and academic researchers(Ika 2009, Toomey,2009:Weill & Ross,2004:Bekker & Steyn 2009). Research…

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