Project Management: A Case Study

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Project methodology is a method used in the project for the successfully completion of project by the proper utilization of money, time and resources.
According to Jason Charvat, A collection of methods, procedures, and standards that define a synthesis of engineering and management approaches designed to deliver a product, service, or solution for project completion is project methodology. A methodology is a set of guidelines or principles that can be tailored and applied to a specific situation. In a project environment, these guidelines might be a list of things to do. A methodology could also be a specific approach, templates, forms, and even checklists used over the project life cycle. (Charvat, 1967)
According to Harold Kerzner,
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Herman & Herman Steyn, Project methodology is a framework and process mandated or recommended by an organization for the management of its projects. The methodology is created or adopted by the organization so as to uniquely fit its business requirements, procedures, and culture and size, scope, technology, and nature of its projects. (Nicholas & Steyn, 2012)
Role of project methodology to serve project management:
Project methodology play vital role to manage the management process of the project. It helps to make an effective decision to complete a project. With the help of project methodology, the project manager can use the time, resource and money in effective way.
 It helps to empowers the project members to do right things in right
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