Work breakdown structure

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  • Work Breakdown Structure

    good WBS A work breakdown structure details the activities of a particular task in order to assist and organize the entire project. The best practices for constructing a good work breakdown include detailing only the deliverables and the specific activities. These deliverables should be written as summary tasks of the project. Further, the summary tasks should be broken down to detailed activities because they are usually broad. Also, the detailed tasks should be action oriented, which means that it should not just describe the tasks but instead name the action. This step contributes to shifting the detailed activities into schedules or the upper section of events. Also, it eliminates confusion.…

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  • Concrete Masonry Project

    A work breakdown structure which would be helpful to control costs and work packages are also very important for ensuring the successes of the project (Field & Keller, 1998) Furthermore, a network diagram and Gantt chart is a helpful quality method to show current and future actions, audits, periodical reports, milestones, the update of planning and change control management. 2 Task 2: Concrete Masonry Corporation Kevin Lewis has been assigned as the project manager of the Concrete…

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  • WBS: Hierarchical Breakdown Of The Deliverables

    Introduction A WBS refers to a hierarchical breakdown of the entire work to be accomplished to attain the deliverables of the project. It describes the total scope of the project as it begins with the deliverables as stated. In most cases, the WBS breaks the work to be done into smaller sub-sections to make it easy to achieve them. The number of the stages of decompositions is usually influenced by the project size as well as how complex the project is (Demeulemeester & Herroelen, 2002).…

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  • Estimation And Reserve Analysis

    Resources encompasses equipment, materials, staff, and facilities that are essential in implementing each work package (Vaidyanathan, 2013). Utilizing the WBS, duration of each activity, and historical information with similar projects, the project manager can create a resource breakdown structure for the endeavor (Vaidyanathan, 2013). A resource breakdown structure is a hierarchal depiction of the resources that are required within a project, categorized by type and classification (PMI, 2013).…

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  • Role And Scope Of Work Of The Financial Service Office In Humanities

    the project management plan. The main purpose of the critical analysis is to critique as well as evaluate somebody’s work based on the opinion, idea and perspective of someone. It is an academic report that contains a description of the project plan (part B) as well as its content. This report will also express the opinion of the author with regards to the different part of the project management plan that has chosen. It will analyze the whole project plan by breaking down the…

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  • Work Breakdown Structue: Building A New Leo's Coney Island

    The Work Breakdown Structue (WBS) is an important tool used in project management. The WBS provides a common framework for the project to aid in costs and budgets, schedules, and assignements (Kerzner, 2013, p. 530). Figure 1.0 displays the WBS for the project of building a new Leo’s Coney Island resturant. The WBS breaks the project down into all of the different objectives of the project along with the amount of work and cost associated with each objective. The level one section…

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  • Roles Of Project Management Essay

    Project Managers Role in Managing of the Scope in each Phase The scope is the most important document in a project. (Warburton). Work Breakdown Structures: The foundation of project excellence (Norman, Brotherton, and Fried, 2011). The documents involved or created for a project makes it possible for the project manager to manage the project. The project manager does not perform the tasks to complete the project; however, by managing, he ensures the project gets done, hopefully on time and on…

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  • Negotiation And Conflict Management Plan For Homeowners

    finished square footage. The primary benefits to finishing a basement are the addition of a more usable space and added property value in the event the home is sold (Alure, 2016). The current basement is rarely utilized because it is unwelcoming with its poor lighting and cooler temperature. The basement structure already exists with concrete foundation walls and flooring. Transforming this space into a warm and inviting part of the home will add almost 1000 square feet of usable finished…

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  • Roles And Responsibilities Essay

    team of BKK and BKM, in the other words, to the stakeholders weekly. The roles and responsibilities of project manager, coordinators and team members are described in table 3. Table 3. Roles and responsibilities of the project manager and team members No. Title Roles and responsibilities 1. Ms. Kyawt Kay Khine Oo As a project manager, Ms.Kyawt needs to supervise all the division of work, receive and analyze reports from coordinators and report back to the stakeholders of the project. 2.…

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  • Project Time Management

    stakeholders which include the shareholders and directors. 1.3 - Preparing Business Case Preparing the initiation document to be viewed by the stakeholders. 1.5 - Stakeholder Register Register the respective stakeholders such as the employees and project sponsors. 1.7 - Preparing Project Charter Developing the project charter that consists of the defined objectives, scope and costs in the project 2.0 - Planning 2.1 - Conducting Project Kick-Off Meeting Conducting the first meeting which…

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