Work Breakdown Structue: Building A New Leo's Coney Island

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The Work Breakdown Structue (WBS) is an important tool used in project management. The WBS provides a common framework for the project to aid in costs and budgets, schedules, and assignements (Kerzner, 2013, p. 530). Figure 1.0 displays the WBS for the project of building a new Leo’s Coney Island resturant. The WBS breaks the project down into all of the different objectives of the project along with the amount of work and cost associated with each objective. The level one section highlighted in blue of figure 1.0 shows the end result, which is the construction of a resturant. Level two of the WBS (Figure 1.0) displays the major tasks involved in the project, which are highlighted in red. These tasks form the statement of work (SOW).

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