Role And Scope Of Work Of The Financial Service Office In Humanities

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Register to read the introduction… 2.3 Project Deliverables

The project’s key deliverables are:

Document / s covering:

▪ Matrix of processes and systems under Humanities Financial Services Office and respective Teaching Areas,

▪ Services identified for improvement via end to end processing / procurement arrangements / invoicing,

▪ Recommended process flow for identified services,

▪ List of service deliverables (with the resource requirement) of the Humanities Financial Services Office,

▪ Policies to support recommended services,

▪ High level implementation plan

2.4 Out of Scope

The following items are considered out of the scope:

▪ Implementation of recommendations

▪ Expenditure incurred whilst traveling (this may be included at a later
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It is used to ensure adequate consideration has been given to consultation and information dissemination. It is attached as Appendix B4.

7 Risk Management Plan

7.1 Risk Assessment

The Risk Management Plan, attached as Appendix B5, examines risks, rates those risks and identifies potential treatment strategies.

8 Project Control

8.1 Progress Reporting

The Project Management Plan will be controlled on a regular basis, by means of completing Project Status Report to the Project Sponsor on a fortnightly basis. The key elements are scope, schedule, and risk, with the control process comprising:

• Monitoring and measuring performance;

• Comparing performance to this plan;

• Reporting on deviations and issues; and

• Taking corrective action (where necessary).

8.2 Change Management

Any proposed changes to the scope or quality will be processed as follows:

▪ Proposed changes will be evaluated on the basis of their impact on the project process and outcome, and in light of reasonable

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