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  • Simple Getaways: A Case Study

    Having the capability to configure workflows through SPO further digitalizes documents and automates their required lifecycle through Simple Getaways customized processes. With this ability to create workflows, additional communication is also gained to increase visibility of the process and keep all involved personnel in the loop on the process. An example of where this would directly improve Simple Getaways administrative tasks could be in an employee’s request for approval for vacation. With the current process this could take employees and managers days of work because of the physical paper involved and it being passed to each required approver. With SPO, this could be configured in a workflow so that the employee submits the requested time off by entering an entry on an Out of Office calendar, after reviewing the other employee scheduled vacations. When the entry is submitted the manager of the employee is notified via email of the employees request and is prompted to approve or decline the request. The manager clicks the link in the email to open the request and approves or declines the request from SPO. If further approval is required, the last step is repeated for additional approvers. After each approval, automatic emails can be sent to the requesting employee or individuals involved. As the final step of the workflow, SPO updates the calendar entry to change the status of the request to “Approved”. Within…

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  • Importance Of EHR Implementation

    Nurse leaders must work with frontline staff to develop standardized care pathways in EHR systems that define order sets and select terminologies that are consistently describe the work that nurses perform. Nurse leaders must work with EHR vendors and technicians to structure the system in such a way that it helps them capture necessary clinical data. Nursing leadership should be leveraging the impact of each system implementation in order to achieve more effective care processes. Nursing…

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  • Critical Lab Value In Research

    Improving Effective Communication with Critical Lab Values Willie Mary Bolden Walden University NURS 6051, WEEK 6 Transforming Nursing and Healthcare through Information Technology October 24, 2016 Dr. Jeffrey Smith Improving Effective Communication with Critical Lab Values Many have their idea about the nursing profession and the skills nurses perform on a daily basis to provide a standard of care. A professional nurse gives a standard of care by showing compassion and treating each…

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  • Barcode Technology In Nursing

    and doses used by nursing staff to meet patient needs (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2014). The purpose of workflow or system changes often relates to enhancing staff productivity or engaging in quality improvement activities to ensure that patients are provided with safe, high-quality care. Unfortunately, barriers or challenges can occur to making successful workflow or system changes. For example, if a new technology is too complex or requires multiple steps, staff may reject the system change…

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  • Symitar Episys System Analysis

    ability to be customized. Especially in terms of work flow. Symitar uses the PowerOn programming to create user-defined data mining queries, present detailed information in charts and graphs, automate specific manual tasks, and to streamline operations (Symitar, n.d.). Advia Credit Union uses internal programmers to create this code or outsources the work to outside partners. Jack Henry provides this support in terms of billable hours as well as several other third party partners. Recently…

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  • The Four Phases Of Business Process Management In Business

    setting, business process brought about dissimilar functions advantages that actually reinforced drastically. Relevant decisions to be solved are the definition of the objectives. The determination and structuring of activities to be carried out are the determination of amount, kind, and of resources, along with the definition of sequences for the carrying out of orders. As of yet, no basic approved definition of the term business process has ever existed. Dissimilar authors utilize an…

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  • Workflow Assessment

    Workflow Assessment The ACC team conducted site visits at eight of the Advocate Health Care hospitals. The goals of the visits were to better understand the process used to identify readmission risk, review site specific tools/technologies used, detect gaps in the process, and gather suggestions for improvement. Over 70 Care Managers (CM) were observed in the process along with directors and mangers of care management at the respective sites. The in-depth interviews conducted were to better…

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  • Imaging Department Workflow

    The Importance of Effective Workflow in The Medical Imaging Department The imaging department consists of many integrated systems that all play a vital role in the operation of the unit. These systems include RIS/HIS systems, modality interfaces, PACS systems, and integrated work systems. The efficient image acquisition and workflow are essential in today 's radiologic environment. These systems will be reviewed and their importance discussed as they tie into the workflow of the radiology…

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  • Workflow In Health Care

    As the complexity of health care has grown, so has the complexity of information signifying that design concepts must be considered when implementing a new electronic system. This should comprise of workflow redesign, technical competencies of the users, the systems life cycle (SLC), and all other stakeholders. According to McGonigle and Mastrian (2015), the goal of workflow systems is to ensure that the work processes across the different units of an organization are carried out in the most…

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  • Scenario's Workflow Gap

    Introduction According to McGonigle & Mastrian (2012), workflow refers to the processes and steps within a system that are interconnected that are used by healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses to complete their duties each and every day. Workflows may have different inefficiencies and parts that may require improvement by employing evidence-based practices and new technology and these issues are normally called “gaps” as they represent areas of disparity between the future or optimal…

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