Work-family conflict

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  • The Systematic Existence Of Work-To-Family Conflict

    ASSIGNMENT Work-family conflict (and family-work conflict) are both linked with a variety of negative outcomes for workers. But as technology becomes omnipresent in peoples’ lives, the line between work and home continues to blur. What effect does this have on well being and job performance? Will people burn out faster than ever before? Balancing the demands of work and responsibilities of the family is an ongoing concern in organisations. We are in the busiest era. Gone are the days of scheduled work hours. With the technology advancement today, such as cell phones with pinging and instant messaging, wireless internet access, and the mobile office following us wherever we go, it is easier to take the office on the road when we travel, even…

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  • Effects Of Role Stress And Work Family Conflict

    Role Stress and Work family Conflict Literature on conflict between work and family roles suggested that work-family conflict exists when : (a) time devoted to the requirements of one role makes it difficult to fulfill requirements of another; (b) strain from anticipation in one role makes it difficult to fulfill requirements of another; and (c) specific behavior required by one role make it difficult to fulfill the requirements of another (Greenhaus && Beutell, 1985). Boles and Babbin…

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  • Work-Family Conflict: The Most Important Issues In Life

    Work-family conflict is one of the most important hurdles to work through in life because this is an issue that will always be there from time to time. According to Jex, work-family conflict is discussed as a bidirectional conflict in that the conflict works the other way around as in family-work conflict as well. The conflict comes into play when the demands of work are greater than the demands of family or the demands of family are greater than that of work. Trying to make two separate…

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  • Work And Family Conflict

    Work and Family Conflicts refer to the incompatibility of demands responsibility the family and career assignments. Broadly, the concept outlines the pressures that executive and men face regarding the mutually incompatible or bidirectional association arising from the inter-role differences between a particular person’s family and the assignment (Munsch 23). Normally, the existence of the conflict evinces when a person is unable to manage the work or family responsibilities. Evidently, both the…

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  • The Effects Of Work And Family Conflict In Taiwan

    job were selected for the analysis in order to highlight the potential effects of work/family conflict (Lu et al., 2011). Description of Data and Descriptive Statistics A wide variety of data was collected for this article, some of which are discrete variables, such as Sex, Marital status, Rank, and Working spouse. All of these were given a score based on a nominal scale, and were then categorized accordingly (e.g. Sex is 1 = male, 2 = female or Rank is 1 = managers, 2 = employees). Other…

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  • The Importance Of Mindfulness In The Workplace

    Each scale was measured using a 5-point Likert scale. Mindfulness was measured using The Cognitive and Affective Mindfulness Scale-Revised. Psychological detachment from work time off was measured with the 4-item subscale Recovery Experience Questionnaire. Strain-based work-family conflict was assessed with the 3-item subscale for strain based work-family conflict using the Work Family Conflict scale and the fourth scale was measuring satisfaction with work-life balance, using the Satisfaction…

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  • Identity In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

    In the play, A Raisin In The Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry, Walter Younger and Mama’s identities conflict with their success. Walter is a poor black man in Southside Chicago in the 50’s, while Mama is someone who has lived close to the affects of slavery. Both of these identities keep Walter and Mama from getting what they want from life, causing conflict with their success. Walter’s identity as a poor, black man in Southside Chicago conflicts with his success because during that time period,…

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  • Thomas-Kilmanns Model: The Five Modes To Handling Conflict

    Conflict involves two or more people disagreeing about different interests or goals due to other values, cultures and/or power (Avruch,2004:p23). Everyone experiences conflict in some shape or form, but as a social care practitioner, it is important to know how to resolve it. According to Thomas-Kilmanns model, he states that there are five different modes to handling conflict. In this assignment, I will briefly explain these five modes. I will then discuss my group in terms of how well we…

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  • The Jungle And Fast Food Nation Conflict Essay

    The Jungle and Fast Food Nation have many scenarios throughout the books where conflict and cooperation is used. Both of these books were very good examples or major conflicts that ended up having to be compromised and, or solved. Cooperation ensues when a member or members of a group work together to achieve a probable goal. Conflict obviously occurs when a rival group seeks to intimidate, harm, or even sabotage each other. In The Jungle, the main character, Jurgis, and his family are facing…

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  • Raisin The Sun And The Cask Of Amontillado

    When your mind is set on a goal, it can possibly become a reality. A dream and a goal are both being attempted by two men who are unware that there is a conflict within themselves. Man vs. self is shown with the character Walter, from A Raisin the Sun and also with Montresor in “The Cask of Amontillado”. Man versus himself is depicted as an internal conflict in which the character struggles against himself. According to Power point 1, internal conflict is an inner struggle that a character…

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