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  • Are Bees Worth Saving

    organisms to live on this Earth. Bees are flying insects that are found on every continent except Antarctica and live in enormous colonies consisting of worker bees, drones, and the queen. Of the Order Hymenoptera there are honey bees, bumble bees, carpenter bees, and stingless bees. Carpenter bees are the only members of these four bee groups that aren’t social. Honeybees are responsible for cross-pollination, which is the transfer of pollen from one plant…

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  • Dogwood Park Observation Essay

    The ants were carrying crumbs from where people had eaten at the picnic table back to wherever their ant hole was. The hole was nowhere in sight from where I was observing. The ants can be considered heterotrophic, because they obtain their carbon from other resources, instead of producing it. I could not obtain the size of the ant, but I found out that it is approximately 7 millimeters. I was astonished how such a tiny organisms could carry such a large piece of a crumb knowing it weighed more…

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  • Bee Movie Analysis

    Bee movie, A bonafide modern classic. In the early 2000s we were all concerned about the disappearing bees, both in the mystery and in the potential economic and environmental impact. The White house formed a committee to investigate the issue, and several documentary such as the silence of the bees arose to inform the public. The mysterious death and disappearance of bees, known as colony collapse disorder or CCD is even more mysterious in that the face that underlying cause is unknown. Some…

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  • The Importance Of Beekeeping In The United States

    With the continued decrease in honey bee populations, however, there are additional economic and agricultural issues. In the US, the pollination services provide around 15 billion dollars in crop value (Allsopp). While bees aren’t as important in the production of crops such as corn, fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries are reliant on pollinators. Many of the most common foods that rely on honey bee pollination are shown in the 2006 graph…

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  • Neonicotinoid Pesticides

    recognized is the role healthy ecosystems play in the health and sustenance of human populations. When wildlife or a piece of a wildlife system directly benefits human well-being it is referred to as an ecosystem service. Decline in bee populations worldwide is putting humankind at risk of damaging it’s most imperative ecosystem service: animal pollination of food crops. This essay will address the potential link between loss of bee colonies and use of neonicotinoid pesticides. It is also a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Experience With A Bee

    At the time I was around 4 or 5 years old and just teetering around the house when I saw a yellow and black insect buzzing around the ceiling of my bedroom. I remember becoming mesmerized by the seemingly random flight pattern, and for some reason I wanted to hold it. So I proceeded to do what any other 4 year old would do, I climbed on top of my bed and caught the flying bee. This action was unfortunately, then followed by a sharp sting paired with many tears. Many people’s first experience…

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  • Bee Pesticides Essay

    in cases of colony collapse. For example, neonicotinoids appear to impact bee behavior in ways that easily provide the opportunity for illnesses and parasites to strike when a bee already has a poor diet and a hampered immune system. A neonicotinoid is a newer form of pesticide which is produced in the form of pellets and put into the soil. When watered, the crops absorb the chemicals from these pellets through their roots. This makes them pest-resistant and lasts for several years afterward, so…

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  • Informative Essay On Honey Bees

    This issue is extremely important towards the outcome of our future yet not too many people know about what 's happening. It’s not too late for the bees if we start making some major changes in the near future.One of them being the reduction of the use of pesticides. Pesticides alone do most of the damage on the bee population. Bee populations would slowly start to increase once pesticide toxicity doesn’t become a problem anymore. Also, climate change is a major factor to the bees. World Leaders…

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  • Are Honey Bees Affecting Agriculture

    Why Honey Bees Affect Agriculture You may see a bee buzzing by, landing on a flower and not even think of the huge effect they have on ‘the world’ around us. Today, I will be talking about how and why honey bees affect Agriculture. The first reason is that honey bees are a big part of pollination everywhere around the world. Providing pollen to farmers' crops and other wild plants. The second reason is that honey bees make honey. Providing food for us and other animals. For example Bears.…

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  • Bee Pollinators Decline

    decline in bee populations. Beekeepers are used to a certain amount of bees and hives dying off but the winter and spring of 2006-2007 brought about the most precipitous decline in decades. The historical rate for overwintering losses is 10-15% but from 2007-2011 this rate has been 28-33% (The Situation, n.d.). This event from 2007 has been coined as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and affecting as many as 35 states and causing colony losses as high as 80-100% for some beekeepers the disorder…

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