Work-Family Conflict: The Most Important Issues In Life

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Work-family conflict is one of the most important hurdles to work through in life because this is an issue that will always be there from time to time. According to Jex, work-family conflict is discussed as a bidirectional conflict in that the conflict works the other way around as in family-work conflict as well. The conflict comes into play when the demands of work are greater than the demands of family or the demands of family are greater than that of work. Trying to make two separate parts of life work together that are equally as important can be stressful. Work will give us a means of living and family is everything else. Furthermore, Jed goes on to discuss dividing the work-family conflict into 3 types of conflict: time, strain, and behavior based (pg. 113), so not only can conflict occur bidirectional it can occur as time, strain and behavior based in both directions. Moreover, there are circumstances where conflict already exists such as in work, family, individual and societal. The following is a personal example …show more content…
I called work and advised them of the situation and they took me back, and I worked there for 12 years before they went out of business. There were days afterword that I still could not concentrate, but over time and patience from my work I lived through it. To me, this was by far definitely an example of an organization preventing family-work conflict as work aloud me the freedom to be there for my mom and they kept my position for me as they hired a temp for two weeks. I was extremely thankful to be able to come and go to see the doctors during the day then go back to work. Only an organization that truly cares enough to work with their employees in solving family-work conflict can a situation like this turn out okay. I still had rent to pay, so for me I was forever grateful to this

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