Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working In Office

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Working in an office also has a number of disadvantages, aside from its benefits, which caused the trend of doing work at home to bloom. These drawbacks reduced the number of employees patronizing jobs done in an office environment.
To start with, working in an office consumes more of individual’s personal time. As stated by Manuron (retrieved 2015), even though making more money is beneficial to a family financially, a family is likely to suffer in other ways because of an individual’s absence in some special family occasions, his irritability towards them and other constraints of working overtime. Working in an office divides an employee’s attention between his family and work. If he or she chooses to prioritize the former, the latter is
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Because of these long working hours, some managers are robbed out of their freedom to use their personal time for themselves. They tend to utilize their spare time to finish some undone paper works.
Second, an individual cannot control his/her working environment in an office. As researched by Reddy (2014), working in an office environment mandates an employee to manage himself individually in a team. The need and urge to make himself recognizable and pleasant to others is a must. Thus, this need and urge will make him learn various types of mannerism and habits to be outstanding among others. An individual does not have the freedom because he need to act in coherence with the work ethics and conduct in a work place, thus, he need to change his usual routine, act professionally and be polite at all times.
This practice removes the ability of an individual to be creative and innovative.
Accordingly, an office is a placed where the organization is located and also a place where business management and administrative work is accomplish. Due to some major massive changes from the part up to the present, and the rise of different industries
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slacking yourself is not possible because you cannot afford in the strict time frame. Maintaining punctuality is crucial to your life if you want to achieve anything valuable. Many people find it hard to discipline their lives, so office environment is important since it forces you to start your work on time without any second option.” If an employee wants to survive in an office environment, he needs to get along with the pressure offered by the work experience.
Lastly, in an office, everyone needs to be formal and act professionally. According to
Reed (retrieved 2015), people in office environments act in a professional manner. They dress appropriately and act formally in order to maintain a professional atmosphere unlike college where people can dress and act according to their style. Example is the use of emails. In college, e-mail can be used in a casual manner with friends and professors but in the business world, business e-mails are closer to formal letters than they are to texting. Everything needs to be in order; the spelling, proper capitalization and punctuation sentences. If an employee fails

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