Works Progress Administration

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  • Pros And Cons Of Fixing The Banking System

    One important thing it did was create jobs with the Tennessee Valley Authority and help farmer by raising the crop prices. The New Deal also had social programs; such as, Social Security. Also the New Deal focused heavily on business reform programs; such as, The National Industrial Recovery Act, The National Recovery Administration, and The Fair Labor Standards Act. Also the New Deal was meant to fix the banking system through the Emergency Banking Act, The Glass-Steagall Act, and the Securities Exchange Commission. The New Deal also had a ton of work programs; such as, the Works Progress Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps. The New Deal was a standout historical event because it helped the lives of the American…

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  • New Deal Programs In The 1930's

    It put unemployed Americans back to work and gave them the ability to receive loans that were sustainable to both upper and lower class citizens. More buildings, roads, bridges, and trails were built because of the programs in the New Deal. Franklin Roosevelt established this program to make a difference. Prices became cheaper, loans were able to be paid back, unemployed workers became employed. People were put back into factories because of World War II when they needed more supplies for…

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  • New Deal Dbq Analysis

    FDR’s administration had to immediately solve the nationwide crisis of unemployment and instability in order to improve the US economy. In fact, the newly elected president, FDR, requested Congress to help aid his relief program, in which his first proposal of relief was to enroll workers in the Federal gov’t as part of his direct attack on unemployment (Doc F). FDR was handed a plethora of problems from Hoover, one of which was unemployment, that needed to be solved in order for balance in…

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  • Essay On Women And Minorities During The Great Depression

    These two groups continued being discussed as lesser individuals and yet continued to stand up for them, contested for their own rights and supported their families. Following the Depression, African-Americans were able to gain relief, recovery and reform from federal programs. Some gained support through youth and educational programs protecting them as members of labor unions and several became union officers. Women faced an obligation to seek paid work outside of the home and for less pay…

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  • Why The WPA: Work Pays America

    WPA: Work Pays America! Founded in 1935, the “Works Progress Administration” (WPA), which is now known as the “Works Projects Administration”, was an important New Deal reform program. It was considered as a key to resolve economic crises and the rise of unemployment; these factors led to this reform movement. The WPA was successful when it came to producing projects that shaped the country such as construction and art projects; however, the WPA was not that effective to decrease the rate of…

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  • Depression: The Causes Of The Great Depression

    A number of historians and economists often disagree about the exact causes of the depression (Leuchtenburg, William E.). All throughout the 1930, consumer spending continued to decline, meaning businesses cut jobs, thereby increasing unemployment, schools budgets reduced along with school days and the school year (Leuchtenburg, William E.) (McElvaine, Robert S.). Furthermore, the server drought across America reduced a large amount of agricultural jobs. Many countries worldwide were affected,…

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  • Economic Depression In America During The 1920's

    The Securities and Exchange Commission was formed to investigate the buying and selling of shares of stock on Wall Street to prevent future speculation. The Federal Housing Administration insured bank loans that were distributed to construct new houses and repair old homes. In 1935, Roosevelt helped create the Works Progress Administration to help the unemployed Americans find jobs. In its first year of existence, the WPA helped 3.4 million men and women find jobs in factories and other…

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  • Franklin Roosevelt Public Art Analysis

    An artist is struggling to make a living; she has two children who cannot predict when their next meal is. The artist heard that the WPA (the Works Progress Administration) was funding for the arts as part of a relief program. She was ecstatic to hear she could finally obtain a job to provide for her family. This artist was put in the position of poverty because after WWI, the economy was booming and the American society went through a prosperous period known as the Roaring 20s. In 1929, there…

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  • Roosevelt's New Deal Led To The Great Depression

    history was the stock market crash of 1929. The crash revealed the flaws in the U.S. economic system which led to the economic recession. Before the crash, the U.S. had been in a decade of prosperity known as the Roaring Twenties, but on October 1929, the stock market’s collapse caused the U.S. to go into a long period of depression, also known as the Great Depression. This depression lasted from 1929 until about 1939. In 1933, at the depth of the depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt became our…

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  • The Impact Of The Civilian Conservation Corps

    be a little bit more behind the environmental curve per say, yet probably would be better off in some respects. In the end, however, these men did their work over a ginormous landmass, the size of current day California. It cannot be put better than to say, “So, when Americans go out today and they go to a park or they go visit a farm or work a farm or they even walk through a national forest, they are walking on a landscape that was completely created by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the…

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