New Deal Programs In The 1930's

The 1930’s was one of the worst times in history, but also was one of the most important part of history. It led to those who were unemployed and to those who were able to get jobs. It changed many Americans today. The amount of employed workers increased due to these programs in the New Deal. These New Deal programs helped change lives of many, people were able to make a difference on how they were living during the Great Depression and now. Many of these New Deal programs begun when Franklin Roosevelt was elected as president, he decided that he wanted to make a change for his people. Many of these programs are still very helpful today, even if they are still existing or not. The New Deal was a dramatic change after the Great Depression, …show more content…
It put unemployed Americans back to work and gave them the ability to receive loans that were sustainable to both upper and lower class citizens. More buildings, roads, bridges, and trails were built because of the programs in the New Deal. Franklin Roosevelt established this program to make a difference. Prices became cheaper, loans were able to be paid back, unemployed workers became employed. People were put back into factories because of World War II when they needed more supplies for wartime and not only were Americans able to keep their homes, bank failures were being solved and they were getting thousands of dollars put into their bank accounts. All of the top ten programs during the Great Depression were beneficial in their own way, they were significant and a great way to bring America back up again. As of today new programs were being added to the New Deal. Some of these new programs are: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Small Business Development Program, and PCH. There are also three recovery programs: Agricultural Adjustment Act,Tennessee Valley Authority, Work Progress Administration. Some of the oldest programs are still very effective and existing today such as: Civilian Conservative Corps, Federal Housing Administration, and Social Security Act. These programs are such an important part of history and made a huge impact on the Great the

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