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  • Disadvantages Of Workaholism

    Some people believe that workaholism involves a personal reluctance to disengage from work and a tendency to work or think about work anytime, anywhere. Hamilton and Denniss define that workaholics are those “who are driven by inner compulsion” (2005, p.12). While others define workaholism as a form of self-imposed expectation of their performance in work. According to Quick, Henley and Quick, this expectation “can be directly related to the level of psychological involvement one feels toward that role” (2005, p.39). In brief, workaholism is a psychological addiction to work and it is an illusion of needing to keep working continually. There is no denying that overwork, to some extent, can bring benefits to companies. The most obvious effect of extended working hours is that an enterprise’s productivity can be increased. As a workaholic, in order to get promotion in the workplace, he has to work hard and overly and behave in ways that the organization demands of them (Hamilton and Denniss, 2005, p.13). Certainly, the enterprise’s productivity gets…

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  • Influence Of Technology: A Double-Edged Weapon

    A Double-Edged Weapon Technology is the biggest influence in today’s society. Telephones, computers, and many other electronic devices are changing many person point of view. The easiest and most effective way to research any information is sitting in front of a computer or any electronic devices and just clicking a keyboard key. Technology is helping the world obtain a better and more comfortable lifestyle by adding faster communication. However, the over dependency on technology causes…

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  • Delusion In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

    control of his life. This is what someone wears when they are trying to run out the clock. Although Bailey is unique, he is not alone. Bailey is a workaholic, and it is estimated that about ten percent of Americans are chronic workaholics. However, this statistic varies widely because the definition of a workaholic can vary (Weissmann). The difficulty of diagnosing workaholism exists because a hard worker is valued highly in all cultures, and is therefore not persecuted for their problem.…

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  • The Concept Of Perfectionism

    problems and refuse compromise.Other traits of workaholics are having low-self image,low self-esteem.Workaholics similar to perfectionists,they are also strengly connected definations,policies,facts and analytic measures,do not tolerate mistakes. Workaholics often take tasks more than they can do,and also they like to take someone in tow. Just working under these circumstances,they feel good and successful.Time is a significant factor for these people,they do not want to devote their time…

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  • Maxims Of Ptah-Hotep Analysis

    In order to better understand the impacts that each has on our life we must better understand what it is to be a workaholic and what it is to be a slacker. A workaholic is more likely to excessively work and is obsessive about the job they are doing. It is not a bad in all aspects; the workaholic does have an advantage in that job because they are going to put more time and effort into it which will allow them to get more accomplished with their time. The down is that by putting in all that…

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  • Hard Work Doesn T Work

    Therefore the person who is a workaholic will miss out on the lives of their family members. Family should be just as important to a workaholic as work is especially if they have a family. Goodman shares, “In the day and a half before the funeral, he went around the neighborhood researching his father, asking the neighbors what he was like. They were embarrassed.”(9). When my mother was an EMT for AMR, I saw my mother maybe twice a week if I was lucky. She was constantly working odd hours and my…

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  • Essay On Recreation And Leisure

    Revisit the website at: Do you agree with the views on the website and are they accurate in their description? Yes? No? Why? The article on the website describe the nature of a workaholic person. Author of the article, Tory Johnson claims that Americans live to work. I agree with the idea of people who work hard, but they are not thinking of work all the time except workaholic people. Workaholic’s main focus is work and…

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  • Work Life Enslaves

    Work life in America enslaves and holds back people who are blinded for the greediness which causes them to fall in the trap of work. Americans always have been characterized for being hard workers; however works has become mechanism of slavery. American work life enslaves people and it also lacks of a balance that allows the individuals to enjoy their professional achievements as well as their personal life. Certain people lose the control of their life and rely completely on their work…

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  • Social Cognitive Behavior Analysis

    they normally would not do. For instance, if a social group consists of a majority of smokers and drinkers, a person who does not smoke or drink may start smoking or drinking. This theory also holds true that society and environment can play a role in someone beginning to smoke or drink. Another example could be while living with one 's parent a person may have to abide by the parent 's rules, but when they start living on their own, the model that they had to live with can be broken because new…

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  • Types Of Bosses

    Classification of Bosses/Supervisors Almost everyone that has worked for a living has one distinct variable in common. That variable is a boss or supervisor. I use the term variable because bosses have many different strategies and personalities. A key component to getting along with the person in charge is to be reliable, accurate, and someone who the boss knows he or she can go to in order to get the job done. I have identified 7 different classifications of bosses as outlined in The…

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