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  • Poverty In David K. Shipler's The Working Poor

    Working Poor Book Summary Three Main Points The Working Poor was written by David K. Shipler. The book gives readers a perspective of what life is like after poverty strikes. Each chapter focuses on either the contributing factors, the causes, or the effects of poverty. In the introduction of the book, Shipler paints the disturbing picture of what it’s like to live in poverty. The line on page 4, “an inconvenience to an affluent family- minor car trouble, brief illness, disruptive child care- is a crisis for them” helped illustrate this. This book provided evidence to back this up and I have also witnessed the unfortunate truth behind this statement. In early October, my tires got slashed, along with 40 other people in my neighborhood. As a member of the middle class, this was just a nuisance for me. My insurance company towed my car the next morning and I had new tires by the end of the day. This wasn’t the case for every victim of the vandalization, however. I noticed a few days after the incident that one of my…

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  • Critical Analysis Of The Working Poor By David K. Shipler

    Analysis on “The Working Poor” Although, I disagree with critic Katherine Newman of “The Wages of Fear” and Kathleen Courrier of “Ain’t it Hard?” who both argue that the conclusions on poverty in “The Working Poor” by David K. Shipler is imitative to other experts as well as derelict on certain solutions. I also agree with both the critics who find Shipler’s perspective of living in poverty insightful and pragmatic on the stigma that follows the lower working-class. Therefore, the incisive…

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  • Book Critique: The Working Poor

    Critique: The Working Poor The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. This phrase is so true because there is a lot of people living in poverty despite working day and night. David K. Shipler an American Author who has won the Pulitzer Prize set out to find out about the lives of the “Invisible America”. The Working Poor or the Invisible America are a group of society that was clearly latent in everyone’s eyes, but not in David Shipler sight. In 1997 the United States economy was climbing and…

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  • David Shipler The Working Poor Analysis

    time. In The Working Poor written by David Shipler, he discusses the barriers that low-income families face but gives reasoning to why our society can promote hope and change. Even though there is a stereotypical opinion of how low-income families don’t want to pursue change, there is a majority who want to get out of the poverty system. For that majority, they are not receiving the same benefits or opportunities that middle class receives. It is not that they don’t have the capacity to learn…

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  • The Myth Of The Working Poor Barbara Erenreich Analysis

    The Working Poor One constant problem that we see in America is poverty. No matter the measures that have been taken to eliminate it, nothing has been able to solve the problem. It is such a difficult problem to tackle, although a common stereotype in the United States is that people who are poor are stupid or uneducated. It has been proven that it is extremely hard to make a living in this country on minimum wage budget. People can spend their whole lives living in poverty, never being able…

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  • Similarities Between The Working Poor And The American Dream

    The Working Poor and the American Dream: Hope lost Because of Class Throughout American history, people have fought for and moved to the United States to live a life of freedom, where they can pursue happiness and achieve their highest goals. The American Dream is viewed by many as accomplishing their desired life, making it unique to everyone with the same outcome: accomplishing their goals. Hope in the American Dream can be lost due to lack of wealth and class, that affect the way people work…

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  • Disparities Of Working Poor

    According to the 2011 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report findings, full time workers were less likely to be among the working poor than were part-time workers. Out of those who were in the labor force for over 27 weeks, 4.2% of those employed full time were categorized as the working poor, compared with 14.4% of part-time workers. African Americans and Hispanics were more likely to be amongst the working poor in reference to Asians and Whites. Women were also more likely to be amongst the…

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  • The Working Poor Analysis

    opportunity to live comfortably. David K. Shipler’s The Working Poor explores the working poor of the United States – “… the forgotten Americans…” who live and work, as Shipler (2005) notes, “at the edge of poverty” (p. 2). They are the individuals employed by the exhausting, low-wage jobs that are essential to comfort and prosperity of the nation (Shipler, 2005, p. 300). This “silent America” of underpaid, overlooked,…

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  • Shipler's The Working Poor

    hotly debated for many years. Do illegal immigrants take honest jobs away from United States citizens? Should there be stricter laws governing illegal immigrants? Should illegal immigrants have rights? All these questions are asked but rarely answered objectively. Shipler attempts to do just that and shed more light on illegal immigration as well as the questions that come with it in The Working Poor. He shows that, not only are they important, but they are also people with lives just like…

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  • The Working Poor Summary

    “Being poor mean’s being unprotected. You might as well try playing quarterback with no helmet, no padding, no training, and no experience, behind a line of hundred-pound weaklings. With no cushion of money, no training in the ways of the wider world, and too little defense against the threats and temptations of decaying communities, a poor man or woman gets sacked again and again-buffeted and bruised and defeated” (Shipler, 2004, pg. 5). David Shipler wrote this in his captivating book The…

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