Roles Of Project Management Essay

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Project Managers Role in Managing of the Scope in each Phase
The scope is the most important document in a project. (Warburton). Work Breakdown Structures: The foundation of project excellence (Norman, Brotherton, and Fried, 2011). The documents involved or created for a project makes it possible for the project manager to manage the project. The project manager does not perform the tasks to complete the project; however, by managing, he ensures the project gets done, hopefully on time and on budget, and at the correct performance level (Lewis, 2006). The scope is said to be most important document but the other documents play important parts as well. The project scope does not define the work or the task or activities that have to be performed
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The project manager’s role in the management of the scope at each phase is to make it work. That is, he or she has to find a solution for any issue that arises in executing the project. Once the charter is signed, the project manager’s role is to plan the project down to the tiniest detail. However, as project management has grown there are tools to assist the project manager. Additionally, the project manager must have certain inherent skills. These skills are defined as sociocultural skills and technical skills (Warburton, 2016 p. 10).
The project manager has to have the technical expertise to be competent at the performance level he or she is expected to operate. Some knowledge or expertise in the objective is needed. Additionally, project management, managerial, leadership ability, communication skills are a few of the necessary skills a project manager needs to be effective.
Depending on where you search for information there are four or five phases to a project. Each phase has a list of activities, which the project manager is responsible for. This means that as the various sections are developed, critical activities must be identified, possible risks assessed
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In this document all the parameters which defines the project is published. The project scope is a detailed description of all aspects of the project. All major deliverables and any project boundaries are found in the scope document. It must be strictly adhered to, to prevent what is called scope creep. Several things can cause scope creep. Some are identified as: poor requirement analysis, underestimating the complexities of the project, lack of change control and gold plating. It is the project manager’s job through full analysis, and proper documentation of the project scope statement and planning for the uncertainties that arises in a project to prevent scope creeping. Scope creep increases the cost of the

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