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  • Priceless Works Of Art Essay

    Priceless works of art are always in high demand. Many famous works are in private collections, and the public never gets a chance to view them. Some very generous collectors like Isabella Gardner Stewart place their valuable collections on display so that anyone can enjoy them. When these works are stolen it is a crime not only against a generous benefactor, but against all society who is deprived of their beauty and significance. Two burglars robbed the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts on March 18, 1990 of thirteen pieces of art. Many were by well-known artists like Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Manet. The artwork has never been recovered to this day, and Boston and the art world are worse off for it. The robbery at…

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  • Video Games: A Work Of Art Analysis

    Vinci), “The Scream” (Munch), “The Great Wave of Kanagawa” (Hokusai), Mortal kombat, Halo, Fire Emblem, and Mario. What do these names all have in common? They are all forms of art. Like art, video games have many artistic qualities. For many years we have seen art as nothing but mere paintings, carvings, and ink work, but as technology advanced so did people’s understanding of art. People then opened up and began to accept other works such as writing, poetry, songs, graffiti, film, and…

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  • The Work Of Art In The Age Of Instagram Analysis

    Anntia Olivacce COM 3060 November 22, 2016 Art and Mechanical Reproduction in the Age of Instagram Social media has changed the way people communicate, discover and spend their leisure time. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, were originally developed as communicative platforms where people could network and keep in touch with loved ones. However, with the advent of Instagram and the popularization of memes, users are now able to exchange thoughts and ideas with the usage of minimal…

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  • Analysis Of Walter Bendix Schonflies Benjamin's The Work Of Art

    technology. Benjamin was influences by and is associated with the work of Karl Marx, Theodor Adorno, and Bertolt Brecht. Moreover, one of Benjamin’s most influential writing is titled, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (1936). The primary argument made by Benjamin in The Work of Art essay is the decay of an “aura” (authenticity) of art through reproduction. Specifically, Benjamin argues against art in the form of film and photography in order to preserve traditional…

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  • Art And Racial Stereotypes In Kara Walker's Work

    Art is a term that cannot be defined incorrectly, art can have many definitions but some will be better than others. Art plays an important role in many people lives, it motivates the human brain by making people react with their emotions. It also provides many people with source of creation and self-expression. Art is very subjective and it has a different meaning to many people, but it is also at a continuous state of change. A way that art can be defined is through form and content (Wollheim,…

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  • Analysis Of Wheelock: Art Vermeer's Work

    Wheelock: an art expert’s thoughts on Vermeer’s work In comparison to his contemporaries Vermeer painted relatively few canvases. According to Wheelock, Vermeer’s working method is quiet slow with great attention to detail and this combined with an early death accounts for the limited set of canvases. On the other hand Wheelock observes that the scarcity of paintings may contribute to why we value them so much Describing the paintings Wheelock tells us that the paintings express an admiration…

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  • Effects Of Clay Work On Art Therapy

    Art Material and its Therapeutic effects Clay is a versatile art material. In this paper, “Clay-work” is defined as the overall process and outcome of the process, from handling, manipulating, and modeling clay to the final artwork. Several types of clay are commonly used in art therapy. (1) Clay is natural art material, which consists of organic content. It is reusable even when dry. (2) Air-dry clay hardens and becomes stronger with time. Baking or firing is not needed for air-dry clay, and it…

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  • Woman In A Tub Analysis

    My first time at the Art Institute went better than I anticipated. My friend went with me and we had a great time. We started off with Folk Art and then went to European Art. We ended up in the Doctrine and Devotion exhibition, and it was really interesting how the religious art from different parts of the world such as, Germany, France, Italy, and Peru were very similar to each other. I thought it was pretty cool how art can be very similar, when it comes to the same themes even if it has to do…

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  • Giant No. 3 Analysis

    There is an art work that I want to have a critical analysis is Giant No. 3. The author of this art work is Zhang Huan. This work of art is a colossal figurative sculpture which created in 2008. Giant No. 3 is made of steel, cowskin, wood and polystyrene foam. The color is almost brown and somewhere shows white. This sculpture is so large which the size is 4.6 meters times 10 meters times 4.2 meters. This artwork is “depicts a fifteen-foot pregnant beggar with a child clinging to one…

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  • Art Appreciation: The Miner By Elizabeth Biesiot

    Art Appreciation FA2330 Written Assignment Houghton’s The Miner The Miner (1979) is a bronze statue by Elizabeth Biesiot in the city of Houghton, Its body is of bronze and its base is of stone: the Miner’s left hand takes a pickaxe. The right hand, take a barrel. Also on his head with a miner 's hat. The miner statue reflects the history of the Houghton city. In the other side, it does the same thing as the Vietnam War Memorial: the miners do a good job of the art should do: It not only…

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