Ratan Nano Case Study

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Background to Projects
A project may be defined as all the tasks and processes required to build or bring a particular thing – product or service into existence. By its nature, projects have a beginning and an end and this is usually defined in the project charter. The project comes to an end when the defined product or service is available for use. The end of a project shows that it is not about routine operations but projects can lead to the development of an operational set that will ensure the meeting of the same pre-defined goal over and over again. Projects need to be delivered within a specified time frame and at the appropriate cost and this is achieved through project management (PMI, 2014).
There are four or five steps in the project
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For Tata to achieve this, the company had to find ways to shrink the cost of production which became technically refered to as frugal engineering. The responsibility of bringing the Nano project into life was the Engineering Research Center in the Tata Motors Plant which managed a team of 500 people for the project. It took about five years for the dream of Ratan Tata to be realized with the unveiling of a functional Nano at the 9th Auto Expo in New Delhi in 2008 where Ratan Tata himself drove in at the helm of a Tata Nano. It took another 18 months after the unveiling for the Nano to become available for the public due to series of challenges (The Economist, 2012).
Design and Building the Nano
The Tata Nano project faced a number of challenges that affected the initial roll out of the product and the maintenance of the project post unveiling of the car. The challenges recorded against the Nano project include the following:
1. Political issues arose forcing Tata to move the original site of the Nano factory from West Bengal to Sanand.
2. The pricing of the car instead of being an advantage tended to define the poverty of the people such that instead of being a status symbol that a car was owned, it became a badge enforcing the poverty image.
3. A few cars busted into flames increasing fears about the safety of the

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