Objectives Of Kingfisher's Intersiment Statement: Internship And Mission

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III. Objectives of the Internship position / mission

The internship position is called Insights Analyst and had the following objectives:
1) To support Kingfisher’s strategy and the Insights team (currently 3 people), into building and consolidating customer and market knowledge at Group level.
2) To achieve its mission, the team delivers research based on 4 principles:
• Consideration of all the dimensions of Kingfisher customers: as a shopper, as a ‘home improver’ and as an ‘inhabitant’.
• The insights are based on the reality, supported by facts, especially through ethnographic methodologies and macro-data gathering.
• Use of methodologies to each project. It is build an ad hoc research for each topic.
• Creation of operational insights.
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Description of the Internship outputs

As stated in the objectives of the internship, one of the main activities was to support the Insights team members in their daily functions. It is important to mention that although this department has their objectives clearly established, the daily operations are constantly adapted according to the OPCO’s needs and business strategy of Kingfisher Group.
The methodology mentioned in the second section corresponds to the methodology formally described for the Insight department when developing a certain research. Nevertheless, it is going to be explained the activities and steps developed according to the real experience by working directly into the daily operation of the Insights Group.
1) Attending Kingfisher demands:
a. The Insight Group is contacted by another department (product engineer, product designer, brand manager, product manager, top management or others) requesting the help concerning the necessity of insights, information or data of any product, brand or project the department may be interested.
b. The Insight members meet together to review the Kingfisher strategy for the next months or years in order to discuss and decide the creation of a research(s) that could help the top management to develop better the company’s
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Translate the questionnaire to other languages depending on the countries where it was going to be developed the research (Generally in English, French, Poland or Spanish).
f. Selection of the agency that will be in charge of running the research and make the interviews. This selection can be multiple agencies or just one, which could have partnerships in other countries.
g. Send the questionnaire and guide to the agency that is in charge to run the research, make the interviews and send back the results within the dates determined.
3) If it is not necessary to develop a Research for the Company demands, the Insight team explores, within the internal and actual sources that it possess, all the information related to the subject of interest. It is summarized and analyzed all the material found in order to present it to the interest parties.
4) Re-extract information from previous researches made by the team accordingly to the requests of the moment.
During the internship it was provided assistance in all the tasks mentioned previously. The way of working for every project was always as a team. This means that all the members participated in somehow in any duty, either by generating or exchanging information, giving new ideas or validating the work

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