Case Study Of ALCO Sensors

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Any career in the criminal justice field will at some point involve the research process. There are many terms that are used in research that can be very useful. These new terms can easily apply to my current career as I research ALCO sensors. These terms can also help by being an asset when evaluating and analyzing research studies or data. By not taking the time and learning about this new terms can affect me by not fully understanding the research process and having a negative effect on my own person research.
The research process is made up of six different parts. The first part is called theory. Theory is when you try to come up with reasonable explanations of reality. Once a theory has been created you move to the second part called
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All these terms are very useful to know for any future careers in Law enforcement. Currently at work we are conducting a simple research on why our ALCO sensors read higher than the local police departments ALCO sensors. Usually the Blood alcohol count (BAC) drops between the two test but there is around a 15-20 minute period between the two test. This usually results in a drop of .05-.07 BAC change in a subject. This research is purely educational purpose for us. It may give us a reason to change some of our policies concerning ALCO …show more content…
I have learned the different types of research I can use to conduct research. I have also have a better understanding of how research is conducted that will assist me. By learning this it will help me expand my knowledge of research and the terms that are used during research. It also is very useful to know the language of research called researchese (Hagan, 2010). I will also be able to apply these terms in research in any career in the criminal justice that I decided to take up. In my current career I found these terms useful while I’m currently conducting my own research into the ALCO sensors. That by knowing new terms I can look at my current research from a different angle. Lack of knowledge of these terms can have a negative impact when conducting research. Many people rely on the information that comes from research. For some people this information can have a dramatic effect on his or her life. A lot of people could also depend on the results of the research being conducted. Not knowing the proper terminology may result in research that lacks critical information. Not knowing these terms I can affect my integrity of any research that I may be

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