Nursing Theory: Theoretical Framework For Nursing Practice

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Theoretical Framework For Nursing Practice
Unit 1 – Introduction to Theory
Learning Activities
1. According to Chinn & Jacobs, there are several meanings of nursing theories as shown below (Meleis, 2007):
1.1 Theory base on structuration – according to Anthony Giddens, the social structure and its relationship with one another forms a theory when a certain action or ideas are reproduced or repeated such as culture, traditions, religion, morality, learning forms a theory or a social structure (Craib, 2011). This structure theory can be replaced or ignored if another theory is proven worthy of adoption such as conversion of religion, changes in learning tools from books to computer or changes in nursing leadership etc,.
1.2 Theory base on goals-setting
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It is a combination of rigorous processes that is coherent and interrelated forms, the basis of the theory is wide and not limited to the research study, tentativeness and structure, but a combination of all these is required to form a theory.
1.6 Theory based on conceptual framework – for instance, a bleeding patient is said to be specifically hurting, is a form a theory based on conceptual framework. Some nurses, perceived that their, reaction, idea, concept or behavior is a basis to formulate a theory, especially if it is exposed by a well-known personality in healthcare such as a doctor or specialist.
2. Theories are highly essential, especially in evidence based practice, nursing practice is very hard to exist without the feminist side of caring, services, human intervention, dignity and related genuine concerns approaches which transcend to different theories that serves as the backbone of nursing
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As the theory is evolving the nursing discipline is also changing or upgrading. Nursing theories are able to predict the future in nursing practice, more so, caring is difficult to measure, but theories and principles can analyze and explain the level of care that nurses can give. The complexity of nursing practice is also simplified by appreciating or relating to the theories where nursing situations are explained (Smith & Parker, 2015). Most importantly, theories act as one of the most important basis for decision

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