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  • Joseph's V: A Fictional Narrative

    feel sorry for the maid now. I sort of felt a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable now. There standing near his parent was my future husband. He was way taller than I was and had short brown hair and green eyes. I saw nothing special compared to Joseph his eyes were blue which made me melt. "Anyway" my mother continues " This is my daughter Elizabeth Mary and this Elizabeth is Prince Philip and his parent Jane and Henry" she explains Philip walks over to me and takes my hand and kisses it. I crusty and he bows. "It 's a pleasure to finally meet you, my parents told me months ago about this and now I can finally meet you" he explains Month!!! They had this planned for months and I didn 't know anything about it. How could they keep something like this away from me. "It 's a pleasure to meet you too" I say giving him a small smile "Now, why don 't we sit down and enjoy some lunch" my father interrupts I nod my head and everyone takes there seat. My mother and father take there usually seats at the ends of the table and so do I. Philips parents take the spot were my brother would be seated and Philip is next to me. Great (note the sarcasm) I still felt uncomfortable sitting here with people I barley knew. Well I 'm guessing I have to get use to it. But the only thing I could think about was Joseph. How was I going to get through this love triangle.…

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  • Miracle Run Movie Analysis

    the boys. Corrine was told by doctors that boys developed slower than girls. She was also told that twins developed their own language. The movie started out with the boys being children and ended when they were in high school. They did not have any form of verbal communication as children. One of the boys, Philip did however, repeat everything that he heard others say. They did not have any social interactions while at school or their home. They…

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  • Movie Analysis: Maleficent

    witch called Maleficent curses a beautiful princess into a deep sleep and she can only be awoken by true love’s kiss. This story is from Maleficent’s perspective and challenges the idea that everything is “black and white” (good and evil). It shows that individuals make mistakes and perspective plays a large part on interpretation. The film also challenges what true love is when Aurora wakes from Maleficent’s kiss and not the prince’s. It implies that true love isn’t just romantic love, its…

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  • Anna Anderson: The Eerily Similar Imposter Of Anastasia

    evidence, Anna Anderson could possibly be the Romanov heir. Anderson has proved time and time again that she is the Princess, returned to attain her position as Empress of Imperial Russia. This is believed by many, including a multitude of Romanov friends and relatives. Even though Anna Anderson has provided proof that she is genuine, many still think that she is an imposter who is actually a Polish factory worker named Franziska Schanzkowska. Based on court jurisdiction in 1961, “the claim is…

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  • Pessimism In Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince

    be liked as well as admired, but sometimes individuals have to make decisions against their moral and ethical judgement. It is through The Prince that Niccolo Machiavelli expresses his political theories and ideology, asserting that in order to be a successful Prince one must be willing to disregard their morals and ultimately use deception to both gain and keep control. Machiavelli states that although his ideas may be influenced by his morals, it is imperative that they do not dictate the…

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  • Theme Of Desire For Academic Success By Richard Rodriguez

    “Here is a child who cannot forget that his academic success distances him from a life he loved, even from his own memory of himself” (518), were the words spoken by Rodriguez. Why did Richard Rodriguez allow his desire for academic success to distance him from his family? The desire for academic success was overwhelming. Desire was the drug that lured Rodriguez to the point of no return. He was persistent in evading nostalgia for the life he lost nonetheless; he has his intellectual mind…

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  • Balance Time Between Work And Family Life

    Teenagers today are in a constant struggle to balance their time between work, school, and family life. An average day consist of 24 hours and to many teenagers this doesn’t feel like enough. They do not know how they can work for ten hours, complete five hours of homework, spend time with their family and still get the recommended eight to twelve hours of sleep at night. Teenagers are asked to make a tough decision of what is the least important thing on their list, what they feel can wait till…

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  • Communication Barriers Case Study

    While there are many communication styles that are very effective, sometimes communication barriers get in the way and causes difficulties, what can one due to overcome these communication barriers; in order for the communication to flow once again. One can start by simply looking at to what’s cause these barriers, and find a solution to the problem by using certain concepts and ideas; while breaking down those barriers. That’s why it essential to know exactly what precautions to take while…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of 'Eisenheim The Illusionist'

    therefore implying that he is in the state of misapprehension. His vision produces a false view of reality as the Prince is the real ‘criminal’ as he has committed misdeeds, while Eisenheim exposes them through his entertainment. Furthermore, the scene of the Prince trying to kill the Duchess is seen through the guard 's eyes. In…

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  • Machiavelli Being Disarmed Makes You Despised Analysis

    Sophiya Marsani Professor Stoltz English 1020. A03 29 September 2017 Being disarmed makes you despised In his essay "The Qualities of Prince" Machiavelli praises the skill of prince in warfare. He argues that an art of arms is one of the rudimentary skill of prince in order to hold his position on high. But Machiavelli…

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