Joseph's V: A Fictional Narrative

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Joseph 's POV
" WHAT! How could they do this!" I say angrily in the phone

I knew this was going to happen Olivia warned me and I didn 't listen. But nothing is going to stop me from being with Elizabeth.

The only way I could go out with her is to convince her parents which is going to be the hardest thing ever, and let 's not bring up her picked husband which I 'll have to deal with. This is going to be hard.

Elizabeth 's POV
After the talk with Joseph Laura and Grace had to head home but I wish they could stay, I was not ready to face my parents tomorrow morning.

"If you need anything, call me please if something is wrong" Laura said while give me a hug. Soon after Grace gave me a hug to. I wound have walked down to the front door with
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It 's not like I could seek out my window it 's a two story house. I ended up going to sleep right after Laura and Grace left dreading for tomorrow.


I could figure out if I was just dreaming or if this was real life. Was someone knocking at my door or not. I quickly sit up in my bed hoping it was just a dram but sadly it wasn 't.

I quickly jump out of bed making my way over to the person waiting on the other side of my door. I smooth my hair with my fingers and rub my eye to make myself look decent enough. I open up the door to reveal one of the maids standing there.

"Sorry miss, were you asleep?" She questions
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I wish you were here instead of this person I don 't even know. I have to go talk to you later xx

I lock my phone and place it in my pocket of my dress. Thanks god for the person who invented a pocket in a dress. Best invention EVER!!

I start making my way downstairs watching were I was walking so I wouldn 't trip over. I make my way into the dinning hall assuming that 's where it be in. As I open in the door I ready myself. I 'm about to meet my future husband in a minute. I take deep breathes and few seconds and open the door. Once it was fully open no one was inside. Wait I was early for once in my life? Everything was set out on the table ready but now one in it yet. Just as I was about to turn around I can hear my parents talking. Well here goes nothing.

"And this is were we will be having lunch for today" I hear my mother say faintly. First my parents and Nicholas walk in dress all nice and neat. I soon see two other strangers and then I finally see him. I think?

"Elizabeth, where were you darling? I told the maid to tell you to be at the font at 12 so we could meet our guests" my mother

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