Nutrition Assistance Program Essay

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The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) acts as America’s safety net and is the main foundation for nutrition assistance programs. The program offers over 50 million participants in approximately 23 million low-income households with cards they can use to purchase food each month. Because eligibility is not limited to restricted, SNAP serves different kinds of people who live in low-income households, this includes families with children, disabled people, elderly folks, and those who are temporarily unemployed. “About 72% of SNAP recipients live in households with children; more than one-quarter live in households with seniors or people with disabilities.” Although the SNAP program offers many types of benefits such as food security, …show more content…
Individuals who participate in food assistance programs such as SNAP often have low and or limited health literacy. Some examples of the difficulties that these individuals may often face consists of: following dietary or food guidelines, reading food labels, and making informed decisions when faced with choices in the grocery store. We can attempt to understand the health literacy abilities of low-income SNAP eligible adults, and examine how their participation in the program correlates with nutrition behaviors, so we can examine health literacy in action. “Given previous research suggesting that individuals with low health literacy are less likely to consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables and use nutrition labels, we expected to find that participants with lower levels of health literacy would employ fewer healthy eating practices than participants with higher levels of health

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