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  • The Lake-Personal Narrative

    “Reducto” the glacier blew up into a lot of tiny snowballs. I pushed a couple into my hat and whispered a spell into the hat. It was not a spell of Hogwarts or my own; It was one of Loks spells to keep freezing thing froze. With the hat of frozen snowballs in my pocket; I made a snowman with the others in the middle of the lake. I walked back to the rocky peak of the castle. Looking out at my snowman it looked lonely out there so I pointed my wand “geminio” I made him 3 friends. I smiled at my work walked back into the castle. “hey Star!” I turned around seeing who called me. Two red heads were running at me in record time. “we’re having a snowball fight, in the courtyard wanna join?” I nodded my head. “sure” “who’s playing?” I asked Fred. “Seamus, Dean and Lee” I ran off with Fred & George. We reached the courtyard making a fort were the three boys, one of them nudged the other and pointed at me. “We’ve got our third player!” the twins announced excitedly. “who’s that; Ive never seen her in our house before?” one of them asked, he had flat brown hair. “This is Stella, she’s in Ranvenclaw;…

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  • Lysistrata Analysis

    His efforts as the dancing jack, however, were futile. His attempts to persuade Myrrhine seem to remain in wonderland as Myrrhine’s running away slaps him back to reality. Bergson calls this the snowball. It starts out small and “increases in size as it moves along” (Bergson 38). However, unlike the snowball effect, which builds upon itself through positive feedback, Bergson’s snowball eventually hits a rock and shatters. He argues that the snow ball makes people laugh because “every effort the…

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  • The Effects Of Colonialism In Joseph Achebe's Things Fall Apart

    Comes up to the missionary saying that “he would not do any harm to him if he were to just go back to his house and leave us alone… but this shrine which he built must be destroyed. We shall no longer allow it in our midst. I t has bred untold abominations and we have to come to put an end to it.” (Achebe, 176) This is showing that the people judged and disliked the white men pretty much because of the past and what has happened. In though Mr. Brown seem to start to build some…

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  • The Green Goblin: Peter Parker Or Spider Man Dead?

    Think about this, you would have two lives to live as a completely different person. You would have to keep up good grades, make some money to live on, support your family in one life, then save people, fight crime, and kill villains in the other life. It would be way to overwhelming for me.      To fight crime, Peter needs a costume and a mask of some sort to hide his identity. He is a pretty good artist and draws his costume that he wants. Since Peter doesn’t have much…

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  • Roles Of World War II And Propaganda

    of the world, such as the Axis Powers: Germany, Italy, and Japan; and the Allied Powers: France, Britain, and Russia. On December 7, 1941, America would join the Allies after Japan attacked Hawaii’s coast at Pearl Harbor, Oahu. The war was a terrible fight; however, the fight wasn’t just fought on land, air, or water. There was a more subtle fight being fought by the Axis and Allied government’s movie makers and poster designers. These men and women played an important role in drawing up…

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  • Carelessness And Foolishness In Shakespeare's King Lear

    less';(1.1.100-101). Out of pride and anger, Lear banishes Cordelia and splits the kingdom in half to the two evil sisters, Goneril and Regan. This tragic flaw prevents King Lear from seeing the truth because his arrogance overrides his judgement. Lear’s arrogance also causes him to lose his most faithful servant, Kent. In addition, in the first act, Lear’s arrogance causes him to refuse to listen to Kent’s plea to look deeper into the true hearts of his two eldest daughters.…

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  • Essay On Global Warming Brings

    What Global Warming Will Bring Since the Big Bang, there have been a total of seven Ice ages and seven warm periods in the Earth’s history. Accordingly, when the climate changes, many conditions such as sea levels, temperature, humidity and even the major existence of species have been altered as a natural phenomenon. As for this era, we are in interglacial period. Interglacial period is a period that exists between each Ice age, and its climate is altered so slowly that animals cannot even…

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  • Essay On Selflessness In Beowulf

    has been destroying his kingdom. Instead of having his men join him in battle he sends them off so that he may fight the Dragon alone and not risk other’s lives. After the Dragon is defeated he asks that all the spoils go to all those in the kingdom so that could prosper. Destroying the presence of evil in the kingdom of Heorot was an exceptional feet, but what makes Beowulf stand out is his purpose. He fought, neither for the glory nor riches, but for the sake of the people. This quality alone…

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  • Summary: The Great Oxygenation Event

    The Great Oxidation Event (GOE) occurred before the Neoproterozoic and lead to the oxygenation of the upper ocean, or parts of it. After this event however no further significant oxidation occurred meaning ocean oxygen introduced by the GOE is likely to have been used up by bacterial respiration, weathering and hydrothermal processes (Stern, et al., 2013). These processes could not have continued into the snowball Earth glaciations as the theory of snowball earth states a frozen sea must be…

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  • The Narrator In David Fincher's Fight Club

    Fight Club is tangible proof that movies don’t need to smash box office records or take home a multitude of awards to find a place in the public’s memory. Despite not doing exceptionally well at the box office or with the Academy, people still talk about Fight Club with unbridled affection. To test this, just ask someone what the first rule of Fight Club is. All this talk is not without founding, as Fight Club is a mostly entertaining film. This David Fincher movie follows a man identified…

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