The Magic Of Hogwarts

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The lake was frozen solid the tops of the trees disappearing into the ongoing distance; no one around for miles. You could see strands of stray snowflakes falling from the ground. At the tip of Hogwarts stands a young witch taking in the sights of the barren lake.
*Stella’s POV*
I breathed out my breath coming in a stream of cold air; I searched behind me to see if anyone had followed me down after a quick look over I knelt down to put the palm of my hand on the ice I knocked on it.
“Still frozen solid; perfect”
It was nearing the end of holiday break; I had decided to get some solitude practice in before everyone flocked the castle again. No offence to Dumbeldore it was wicked he showed me where the room of requirement was but I rarely
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“Reducto” the glacier blew up into a lot of tiny snowballs. I pushed a couple into my hat and whispered a spell into the hat. It was not a spell of Hogwarts or my own; It was one of Loks spells to keep freezing thing froze. With the hat of frozen snowballs in my pocket; I made a snowman with the others in the middle of the lake. I walked back to the rocky peak of the castle. Looking out at my snowman it looked lonely out there so I pointed my wand “geminio” I made him 3 friends. I smiled at my work walked back into the …show more content…
I remembered when I lived in the small town I heard people on the street playing the guitar. Gutiar! That 's the instrument I heard being played, but I didn 't know any students that played. The figure spun around dancing lightly on their feet. That 's when I saw the green-blonde hair swaying back and forth. It was Jo! Jo? She played the Gutiar…and she could sing?!
“Jo?!” I questioned but surprised
“Stella! Hi” she greeted me.
“I didn 't know you could play? Let alone sing too?!” I pointed to her Gutiar
Jo blushed a bit pink.
“Um, yeah I 've been playing since I was five and just singing came after that!” Jo explained.
“I 've had Steve since I was six” Jo patted her Gutiar.
I still stood shocked.
“My parents didn 't want me to bring Steve with me the beginning of the year, they thought I 'd annoy my roommates with the excessive noise.” Jo explained.
“Do you mind playing for me?” I asked Jo; smiling slightly.
“Sure! But let 's go inside its getting quite cold out here” Jo slung Steve over her shoulder; held its body and slung her other arm around my shoulders and I put an arm around her

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