Personal Narrative Essay: The Day That Changed My Life

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The day I still remember that moment, and I still have it. The day I taught myself responsible with my things, the day that I 'll never forget. The day that changed my whole life, the day that made me who I am today. The day that I got my first bike for Christmas.
It was a bright and cold morning on December 25 of 2010. I woke up in the morning by the light shining on my face from the window and glare of the sun hitting off the icy window, I walked toward the window and my breath got taken away by how much snow there was; it 's been a long time since we had a white Christmas. Once I caught my breath I woke up my Michael and I showed him the snow outside and the same thing happened to him as it did to me. Then Mike and I walked quietly to my
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As we were going down the stairs towards the living room with the Christmas tree and the presents. We approached the corner, I saw a wheel, and wondered what it is and as I got closer It started to come to me. My Mom and StepMom bought us all new bikes. All three of us burst with excitement and joy, our eye glowed like giant marbles in the sunlight, I was so excited as a kid in a candy shop. All three of exactly knew what bikes are who 's. When we were checking out our bikes, I think that my Mom and Step Mom heard us downstairs making a bunch of noise, but by the time we walked away from the bike my parents said It 's for you guys. We all ran back to the bike 's and sat on them to try them out, all the bikes were the same sizes. My bike was all black with shiny silver rims and spokes, it has neon green decals and stickers, and the seat had a green design on it. Michael 's bike was all orange with some black decals and stickers, and Jameson 's bike was all black too but with blue decals and …show more content…
Then I ran and grabbed my bike and went outside and my older brother joined me, We were both still in our pj 's and we didn 't care. It was tough to peddle but it got easier when I got moving because of all the snow, we both roads for the road and back without coats and only pages. We were so excited about getting bikes for Christmas we didn 't even care if we got cold or hurt. Then we started to lose feeling in our hands until we started to head home. On our way home my bike lost traction and I crash to the ground, I got a scratch on my elbow and a face full of snow. I got my bike up and checked if there was any damage to it, I found a small scratch on the side of the bike. I felt that something apart from me was hurt, not physical but more emotionally. On the first day, I got a scratch, I couldn 't believe that just happened. Jameson and I were right around the corner of our house and we just walked our bikes into the garage and got dried off, then got some warm cloths on and my nose was as red as Rudolph 's nose. I told my parents what happened, they weren 't mad but just disappointed because the bike was my responsibility and I failed on the first day. After the bike ride and the talk to my parents we finished up unwrapping presents and had some eggs, ham, bacon, scrabble with some hot chocolate for

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