George Washington's War: The French And Indian War

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The French and Indian War

Have you ever wondered how America won its independence from England? When people came from England to find more land and to have their own religion, they were still under the control of England. Since they arrived, the colonists had to follow everything the king of England said, like taxes and laws that were being passed for these explorers. Then, the colonists got tired of the king of England made a stand for their independence. There was one particular battle that set the colonists off on wanting a revolution. This battle was the French and indian war. The American Army and their brave leader had to go through tough decisions and big losses, but all the hard work was not lost. It gave us freedom.
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Born as a leader. Died as a leader. But as a leader of a army, comes great responsibility.. The responsibility of a leader is to tell his/her army to do what is right and reasonable. George Washington had this responsibility. In fact, he also had a lot of courage and determination. One reason he has a lot of responsibility is, in the French and Indian war. George told his soldiers to build Fort Necessity to protect themselves from the French while they planned out their attack. Without this simple command, this small, first army could have been wiped out easily by the French’s large numbers. He has a lot of determination and courage because he went back to the colonies and made a bigger army. He went back out with his bigger army and fought the French (and Indians). George Washington is very important in the French and Indian war and beyond. He has encouraged the Americans to fight against England. If there was no George Washington, there would not be …show more content…
But this could not be done without the hard work the American army and their leader had done. The French and Indian war was a big part of America winning its freedom. Without the French and Indian war, there would not be America today.


Cash crops-These special crops they farmed were sold to England. The people in England craved these plants. Some cash crops were: Tobacco, Sugar, Corn, Rye and others.

American Indian Tribes-These tribes were not only allies with the French, but some were allies with the colonists. This is probably because different tribes believed in different sides of the war.


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