French people in Madagascar

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  • I Am Truly Grateful For The Opportunity

    When you look back on life you will have traveled to many places, seen many things, and met many people, however there are some places you go along the way that will impact you forever, and leave you with many stories to tell for all your friends, and family to hear. I know I am still young and have not experienced nearly half of the journey’s that I will go on later in life, nonetheless there is one place that I will truly remember for eternity, and most certainly tell my children about. That place is Lyon, France. I may have only lived there for a year, but the maturity, and independence I gained from it is that of a decade. I am truly grateful for the opportunity I was presented with, and would gladly take it again if offered the chance to. My trip to France has allowed me to look at life from a different lens, I appreciate and respect my great life much more now than I did before. I was only fifteen at the time, not quite sure what I was getting myself into. The idea came so quick, I just woke up one morning and said this is what I want to do. I have been playing soccer for about eleven years at this point but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up halfway across the world for it. Before the summer even seemingly started I found myself giving my mom a last hug and kiss goodbye before embarking on a new adventure. It was hard to see my Mom crying, but I was on a mission and there was no turning back now. Four months of preparation for a new life and a new…

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  • Tea In The Harem Analysis

    the Harem how the main protagonist, Majid, maintains two cultural identities, one French and one Algerian. Which one seems to predominate in your opinion, if one does? For me the best example of the cultural differences that Majid is living in, is the door to home. “Majid goes straight into his flat without knocking. The front door’s always open…Levesque, on the other hand, has to ring his doorbell several times before his wife comes to let him in. He has a job getting through the door.”…

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  • Haiti Research Paper

    understand the background of the place to discover certain places or things? Well, that is the story of what I did before going to Haiti. Just knowing that you have ethnicity in your bloodline just made me want to engage into learning about the island and culture. The saying goes know your roots and where you come from. In America we constantly hear about other countries and Haiti is one of them especially after the Earthquake that kills and injured thousands of people. Since then Haiti has been…

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  • Toussant Louverture's Influence On The History Of Haiti

    Toussant Louverture Toussant Louverture was born on May 20, 1743 (This Week 30) and died April 7, 1803 alone, in a French prison (Norton 6.) His impact on the history of Haiti will eternally be visible and the effects will continue forward for all time. To clarify a historical context: Haiti was discovered by Christopher Colombus and was promptly colonized. Spain was quite happy to claim it and quite happy to use its natural resources as many other powerful European countries were doing;…

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  • Cultural Identity Research Paper

    Length 1614 Introduction; Why redefine what it is to be French and what are the dangers of engaging in such a debate? This is a complex question. It is complex because in order to attempt to redefine what it is to be French then first of all an attempt has to be made to deduce what exactly defines French identity in the present day. Only then perhaps can any reason be found why the French identity should in fact be redefined. In fact how can any cultural identity be defined? A concise…

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  • Jack Parker Analysis

    The voice that delivered by Jack Parker has British accent and is able to speak French fluently. Those two different languages were presented by Jack when he helped the policemen dealing with French smugglers. Jack’s British accent revealed his own geography; a guy who was born and raised in Blackpool, England along with having the ability to speak French fluently inherited from his mother who is also French. The bilingual ability shows that he has a close relationship with his mother since it…

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  • My Visit To Paris Essay

    attention to Paris. Perhaps my first visit to Republic of Congo and the French language being their lingua franca got me intrigued. I love to experience the original French cuisine, the art, the fashion, the architecture, and everything Paris has to offer and their smooth language. Also I have always brought up this ideal vacation with my wife and we share the same passion about visiting the city of romance……Seychelles is another one in view. Since this is a trip that we have always desired,…

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  • The Struggle Against The Roma

    France and throughout Europe, have been marginalized and subordinated for centuries. The Roma, and NGOs working on their behalf, face a stalemate in France because the government doesn’t have much incentive to help the Roma, despite treaties to protect human rights, and IGO allocations available to fund Roma integration. This paper will detail the rights abuses committed against the Roma: by both the French state and by individuals, and will continue onto assess solutions. In order to protect…

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  • The Haitian Revolution Summary

    In his account, James focuses on the ways in which Toussaint is still bound, in his approach to freedom, by colonialism. He emphasizes that the significance of the Haitian revolution is not merely in acquiring freedom; it is in the attempt to gain freedom that Toussaint and Dessalines, his first lieutenant, wrestle with oppressive inherited ideologies-- results of colonization by the French-- that continue to govern their minds and compete for their realization. CLR James, in his discussion of…

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  • Politics Of The Veil Analysis

    the Politics of the Veil, she addresses the reasons French officials saw the headscarf as a threat to their culture. France's political beliefs caused them to misunderstand the meaning of the headscarf.…

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