Fast Food Nation Summary

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Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser

Fast Food Nation is a tell all about the United State’s fascination and consumption of fast food, he starts the book off with the stories about how places like McDonald’s and Carl’s Jr. were created. After, he makes progression to the expansion of McDonald 's, and compares it to the expansion of Disney, starting off small but making a huge impact in the world over the years. Proceeding the company’s expansions he starts to talk of preparation from frozen fries, to the beef, to everything else on the menu. He also covers the making of the food, and how dangerous it can be because of poor conditions to work in, and not only that, but he warns of the dangers of eating fast food due to higher rates of dangerous
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The one thing that I know is that fast food, especially the chicken, makes me sick. My connection lies in that statement, everyone has that one restaurant that they love, but doesn 't sit right with them, Taco Bell for most, but no matter what they always go back for the food. When I was little I was addicted to Mcdonald 's chicken nuggets, and at the same time I owned two or three chickens, like most kids, I always begged to go get their food, and one thing happened that made me stop going there. Everyone knows that the chicken is ground up, from lots of meats combined in a grinder now, but when I was little, to me it was a small bird that was born boneless and all you had to do was cook it. My mother, a very nice person, had to get me to stop wanting that chicken so what she did was, she took me to McDonalds almost everyday for two weeks, on the second to last day I still wasn’t sick of eating the food, until I got food poisoning. I know that it was what my mom did that made the food worse, but the preparation of the food is what makes it truly sickening to me, the factories are just industrial grinders and forming molds to send to the “chicken” to the …show more content…
It’s about the integration of our two brands, long-term”(Schlosser 49), this was my favorite quote out of the whole book for a multitude of reason. This quote is very simple stating that though McDonald’s is all about the hamburger, they are also trying for something greater, and you don 't see something like that anymore. Advertisements are everywhere, but you don 't see two companies trying to perform perfect synergy without a merger, and it leads to something bigger for each company. Not only does this quote show how each company went for a benefit, but they also figured out a way to make the public happy too, and that is something that is rarely seen

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