Fast Food In Morgan Spurlock's Supersize Me

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In the 1950s, foods took a change for the better… or worse. Things that Americans now take for granted were rare novelties back then. A simple pouch of McDonald’s french fries, a Whopper from Burger King, or microwavable Swanson TV Dinner trays easily changed the “cult of domesticity” in many 1950-modern homes. Before this time, women were expected to spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals for their families. This new way of food preparation changed the amount of money spent on food, the quality of food, and the amount of time and effort spent making food. Another important quality of this new novelty was that women now had more time on their hands to do far more important things like finding more time for themselves or getting a job. Places …show more content…
In “New Developments of in the Restaurant Industry”, the author explains that movies like Supersize Me caused many customers to become discouraged to eat a fast food restaurants, especially McDonald’s. In the movie Supersize Me, this man, Morgan Spurlock, embarks on a journey to eat only McDonald’s for 30 days with a camera monitoring the health effects from this challenge. The results showed the public how dangerous fast food on a regular basis could be. To change this, fast food companies have tried to change their approach. Places like Chipotle and Panera Bread have adapted this “new and growing concept, labeled ‘fast casual,’ … a hybrid of fast food and casual-dining restaurants. The concept is based on providing customers with value at reasonable prices, fresh ingredients, and higher quality food, targeting people who usually avoid fast food”(“New Developments of the Restaurant Industry”). This new system is how the fast food places are still dominating the food industry. Blue Apron is an example of TV Dinners morphing as well into this ‘fast casual’ franchising strategy. Blue Apron uses better quality ingredients and higher quality recipes to decrease the amount of time used in the kitchen, while also providing a sizeable meal for a reasonable price. The phenomenon of minimizing the amount of time in the kitchen or preparing food in general has changed the “cult of domesticity” food ideal in modern times for many families throughout

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