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  • Survival Cannibalism

    Cannibalism: The Reality of its Continuous Existence Cannibalism, or anthropophagy, is the eating of human flesh by human beings and is a practice some cultures still use even to this day. In western culture, rumors of cannibalism are far more prevalent than actual proven cases. For most of us, the thought of a person consuming the flesh of another human is completely taboo. Despite the controversial nature of the topic, isolated occurrences of cannibalism have been confirmed in parts of the world. Though one of the last taboos of our society, fascination with the motives behind the act of anthropophagy arises from this anomaly in human behavior. Cannibalism exists in two forms: exocannibalism, the eating of human flesh outside one’s social…

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  • What Is Cannibalism?

    “Nothing more strongly arouses our disgust than cannibalism, yet we make the same impression on Buddhists and vegetarians, for we feed on babies, though not our own.” (Stevenson). Cannibalism, despite its place in man’s deepest nightmares, is not always so and should not be looked down upon simply due to misunderstanding of this ancient practice. Cannibalism has its medical downfalls, however, it also has positive aspects that transcends multiple cultures. Before talking about the positive…

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  • Consensual Cannibalism In The 21st Century

    Consensual cannibalism: a contemporary topic that remains a slightly taboo subject due to the lack of exploration. This is evident in that there are little to no definitions available for consensual cannibalism that depict exactly what it is. However, the name is straightforward, with it being synonymous to a type of cannibalism that includes consent. In other words, it is an act of cannibalism in which a person has the permission to eat another human being. There are few recorded incidents of…

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  • Cannibalism In The Road Ethic Analysis

    survival, they make a set of laws for being “good guys” and the most prevalent ones would be no cannibalism, carrying the fire, and helping others. In The Road, the civilization is destroyed along with the collapse of society. The post-apocalyptic world has neither law enforcement nor resources for food. Most of the people are dead while a few remaining are starving and insanely compete for food. Extremely driven by their instinct for survival, a group of people becomes cannibals like animal.…

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  • Cannibalism: Five People In The Media Attention

    attention they wanted from the media. The only downside to these men that got the attention is they are now outcasts and feared in our world, so they get negative publicity. Some people from our past have cannibalized people as a ceremonial rite. In England, Hunter-gathers took six bodies, three adults, two teenagers, and one child, to Gough’s Cave and ate them as a burial rite. They were first butchered like animals were. They were then eaten as shown by the teeth marks found on the…

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  • The Snake Warriors Summary

    Carib warfare, ca. 1500-1820” by Neil Lancelot Whitehead Neil Whitehead, in his article The Snake Warriors analysed Carib warfare, uses historical texts’ to interpret Carib war culture and society anthropologically. He does this by first, describing Carib military tactics prior to European contact, discussing social and ideological context they were deployed, and also to analyze the effect European contact had on the military aspects of Carib society. Whitehead placed great emphasis on…

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  • Symbolism In The Road, By Cormac Mccarthy

    to their downfall. Even after the disaster, society continues to act immorally instead of working to find a solution to their crisis. In the novel, the father and son come across a group of three people; two men and a pregnant woman. The father and son notice that the group has left something behind and when they came over to see what was abandoned, it was a “charred human infant headless and gutted and blackening on the spit” (McCarthy 198). The group of cannibals prey upon a creature of the…

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  • Euro-American Horror Movies: A Film Analysis

    delinquency was a ‘bottom up’ attempt to restructure the family and other fundamental structures upholding the larger structure of our Euro-American societies in the face of post-agricultural failures, grotesque alimentary delinquency is all about a ‘top down’ enactment of terror—an exercise of those who are in power (Dwyer 265). Rather than being a nightmare wrapped in a hopeful dream of revolt, films displaying grotesque and cruel alimentary delinquency do not provide us with new hopeful…

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  • Jeffrey Dahmer's Murder

    Jeffrey Dahmer is a modern cannibal who lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was convicted of the murder, dismemberment, rape and cannibalism of 17 men and boys, taking place between 1978 and 1991. While being tried for his crimes, Dahmer’s attorney explains that ‘[Dahmer] ate body parts so that these poor people he killed would become alive in him again” (Tithecott, 67). Dahmer’s murderous trail began when he was a high school student in Ohio. His murders include five states and Germany. Dahmer is…

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  • Anthropological Theories Of Mental Health

    Silverman and the article by Hay exhibit this third force psychology. In discussing shamanism, Silverman acknowledges that these spiritual men have their own unique behavior, according to their own subjective conscious worldview. He states that “shamanism is regarded as a total psychological adjustment to a condition of extreme threat,” or an attempt to make sense of their environment (Silverman 1967, 25). An emphasis is placed on the fact that a shaman 's “abnormal” behavior, similar to the…

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