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  • The Influence Of Young Adult Literature

    and Roccanti make a valuable point in terms of the difference in relevance between YA and canonical texts when they state, “Contemporary YAL addresses content such as cultural norms revolving around technology that is simply not applicable to older canonical texts” (32). This demonstrates the crucial difference between young adult literature and the canon; YAL is modern, while the canon is outdated. Therefore, excluding YAL from classrooms is preventing students from reading about important modern issues relevant to their own lives, because such issues did not exist when many canonical texts were written. Additionally, YAL is much more diverse than the canon and includes many culturally diverse authors (Rybakova & Roccanti 32). Reading YA books in the classroom would be more inclusive towards students from other cultures and feature more works they can relate too. It would also help to educate all students about different cultures and issues within those cultures. Reading a diverse variety of YA books makes students more open minded and aware of the world around them. There are many YA books, such as Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief, that are set during real historical events (Rybakova & Roccanti 36). Such texts are useful for not only educating students about events in history, but giving them a more in-depth understanding of them. Most teenagers prefer young adult texts over canonical texts, and it is mostly what they choose to read on their own time (Rybakova & Roccanti…

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  • Non-Canonical Literature

    In 2015, a group of New Testament scholars, Ben C. Blackwell, John K. Goodrich, and Jason Maston compiled a published book that presents the historical context of Romans through the literature that was present at the time of the composition of the Roman epistle, namely, the Second Temple Judaism era. Plenty of Bible scholars, such as John Piper, study the Bible by only using canonical Bible. Dr. Blackwell, Dr. Goodrich, and Dr. Maston, on the other hand, provided non-canonical literature to…

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  • Inventing The University By David Bartholomae

    In his breakthrough article “Inventing the University”, David Bartholomae (1986) discusses the problem undeveloped writers have when it’s time to write for a class, they must use the discourse of the scholarly community they are speaking to. Particularly, Bartholomae goes to say that a student, “have to appropriate a specialized discourse, and they have to do this as though they were easily and comfortably one with their audience, as though they were members of the academy, or historians or…

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  • Canonical Correlation Analysis: Relating Age At First Egg

    Canonical Correlation Analysis Relating Age At First Egg, Bodyweight At First Egg And Weight Of First Egg With Egg Production At Different Periods In A Strain Of Layer Type Chicken Udeh Ifeanyichukwu Department of Animal Science, Delta State University, Faculty of Agriculture, Asaba Campus, Nigeria Email: ABSTRACT The relationship between age at first egg…

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  • Pussy Riot Analysis

    In 2012 a group named “Pussy Riot” became known around the world for their performance on the altar of Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior. During their performance they sang a song titled “Punk Prayer” which included a message that many people are still figuring out. Some believe that the song was designed to criticize the Russian Orthodox Church while others believe that it was criticizing the Vladimir Putin and the Russian government. Jeffrey Tayler, Leonid Storch, and Sergei Prozorov…

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  • Genetic Code Reprogramming Analysis

    the ranges of non-canonical amino acids. It is shown that misacetylationi in polypeptides show an increase in specific disease. Site-specific incorporation of genetic code reprogramming have demonstrated powerful techniques for investigation proteins and as a tool for biologically-mediated organic chemical synthesis of peptides. The replacement of amino acids with the non-canonical amino acid allows scientist to understand the role of a specific amino acid in the polypeptide molecules. This new…

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  • Man Of La Mancha And Don Quixote Analysis

    Man of La Mancha and Don Quixote The film Man of La Mancha is a movie that is based on both Don Quixote and its canonical collection, making it a more loosely canon piece within the canon. The film, which was released in 1972, is originally based off the 1964 musical of the same name. The musical itself is also based upon a 1959 teleplay, making the movie actually a canon piece based on a canon piece based on another canon piece based upon the original material. If that isn’t crazy, I don’t know…

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  • Adoptionism: Closed Canon

    During the canonical process, before the canon had been closed, early church fathers writings were occasionally read together with the established canonical books. To avoid confusion between the canonical and non-canonical books, the canon had to be closed; therefore these criteria of “closed canon” were established: inspiration, apostolicity, antiquity, catholicity, public reading to the assembly, and right…

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  • Compare And Contrast Shakespeare And John Donne

    People use different communicative forms to show their thoughts and feelings to the others. The most commonly used form of expressing one’s feelings and emotions is writing especially poetry. Many poetry writers' works gain authority, and can be considered as literary canonical works, thus, these authors become literary canonical figures. But what does the term ‘literary canons’ mean? Literary canons are a collection of literary works and authors approved by academic scholars, having high…

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  • The Origin Of Japan's Shinto Religion

    Shinto is the religion having a root in Japan. This religion worships natures such as mountains and rivers, a natural phenomenon, the gods appearing in Japanese Mythology, people who died with a grudge against, and regards them as all the gods and goddesses. So, this religion is said to be polytheism. This religion also gave Japan a lot of influence while the origin of Japan had been created. The origin of this religion’s name; Shinto is “随神の道(kannagara-no-miti)” which means we are with God.…

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