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  • Wing Beam Design

    fleet for many years to come. Nonetheless, because of the age of the aircraft and the stresses caused by new missions, the B-52 wing needs structural improvement. The objectives of this engineering design project is to redesign the wing spar to support the many loads the wing is required to hold while satisfying additional design requirements. In addition to coming up with the design, we had to run an analysis to see which design will produce the best outcomes for the plane, the missions it will fly, and ultimately for the Air Force. To come up with the wing design, we can start by making a cut down the middle of the plane, which results as a half wing span from the root to the tip of the wing, see Figure 1. This cut can be modeled as a cantilever beam, which is anchored at the root end. The point loads of the engine pylons, the triangular distributed loads of the fuel and lift forces, and the rectangular distributed load of the beam creates a moment, see Figure 3. The beam not only needs to support the vertical loads, but also the horizontal loads including thrust, see Figure 4/Table 4 for loads. In order to design a wing spar that could meet the demands of flight, certain specifications and requirements had to be met. The dimensional specifications of the wing and the beam requirements can be seen in Table 1. and Table 2. The factor of safety had to be between 1.4 and 2.2, with the max wing deflection being 70 inches in either direction, positive or negative. The wing…

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  • What Is A Systematic Error In A Cantilever

    duction: A cantilever is a rigid beam vertically supported on only one end with a load on the other end (“Wikipedia”). Typically, if one were to place a weight towards the free end of a cantilever, some bending, or flexion, would be expected. Flexion, in this case, is the action of bending or the condition of being bent (“Merriam-Webster”). Given that angle measurements are involved, a protractor is typically used to measure flexion at the bending point of the cantilever. As stated before, the…

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  • Cantilever Bridge Research Paper

    You might be familiar with a normal cantilever bridge. Without one, we'd all be stuck at certain river crossings with nowhere to move. But a cantilever bridge is employed in dental care! And since almost all of us aren't long-distance swimmers, dental bridges are necessary for us to bypass. A missing teeth can create a sink-or-swim situation, and a dental bridge is the answer to help you stay afloat just! The Missing Teeth Dilemma When a teeth is missing, it generates more than simply an…

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  • Essay On Engineering Disasters

    be done right the first time because if a structure is made with materials that cost less but are also less reliable, the project may have to be re-done. In the long run, doing a project over for a second time will cost less than doing it perfectly the first time. A famous example of this is the Quebec bridge disaster. This disaster happened on August 29, 1907; as workers were working on the bridge, a rivet was found to be split in half even though it had just been put in not long before. The…

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  • Microcantilever Lab Analysis Pdf

    The cantilevers have more length as compare to width and have optimal thickness. Without load the cantilever is at the resting state and therefore initially it is horizontal and straight. When force is applied the horizontal axis of the beam is deformed into a curve. The deflection of the beam depends on its length, its cross-sectional shape, the material, the point at which the deflection force is applied and how the beam is supported. Two basic equations are used to study the behavior of…

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  • Bernoulli-Euler Beam Theory

    The overall objective of this lab was to verify Bernoulli-Euler beam theory for the lip-loaded cantilever and use that to calculate the Poisson ratio for the material in this case 6061-T6 aluminum. This was done by having to different objectives for each part of the Lab. Part one was use electrical resistance strain gage, this was to measure the strain a cantilever beam as it undergoes a known deflection. We would then compare the measurements with that of the strains predicted by simple beam…

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  • Analysis Of Master Builders By Frank Llyod Wright

    with its terrace, and a staircase leads to another terrace, which is the guesthouse. There are also permits allowing private access to the natural pool beneath the house. Some details were change in the midst of the design process, like the balcony parapet edges throughout the house was initially crisp and square was later developed into curved. Even after the completion of Fallingwater, the Kaufmanns, owner of the house, realized they needed more facilities for their guests, hence commissioned…

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  • Essay On Earthquake Building

    lack basic resistance to earthquake forces. 1.1 Statement of problem and sub-problems Traditional buildings lack the safety measures, therefore in the present scenario we need to build earthquake resistant buildings according to level of earthquake .One of the major problems is differential settlement, i.e.; tilting of super building due to upward inertia force; this can cause twisting of super structures and may lead to diagonal cracks. One way to prevent the same is, isolated foundations,…

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  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle Case Study

    The top tube of it is connected to the middle of the seat tube instead of the top that gives us a lower standover height. This type of design helps to easily dismount the rider off the bicycle. Cantilever Frame: In this type of frame the seat stays continue past the seat post and curve downwards to meet with the down tube. In some cantilever frames the only straight tubes are the seat tube and the head tube. Recumbent Frame: The recumbent bicycle places the rider in a laid-back…

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  • Nano Tribology

    indentation procedure a loading unloading curve will come that will describe the indentation depth amount of indentation and many more elastic properties of samples. Depends on the sample, probe has to choose. Generally diamond probe are using to indent very hard surface. The probe radius, half cone angle, poison ratio of the materials all are required during calculation of young’s modulus. We can clearly understand by comparing the before and after image of the indentation. After…

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