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  • Chicago Housing Authority Case Study

    This approach starts from below with people’s lives and it defines social mobility and well-being in terms of opportunities. As Martha Nussbaum states, “such an approach had better begin close to the ground, looking at life stories, and the human meaning of policy changes for real people” (Nussbaum 2011, 14). The capabilities approach demands one central question according to Nussbaum, “what is each person able to do and be?” (Nussbaum 2011, 18). The capabilities approach was coined jointly by Amartya Sen, Nobel Prize winning economist and philosopher Martha S. Nussbaum. It is both an empirical assessment and also a normative framework. It is both a way to theorize about social justice, but also a method of evaluation based on comparative quality of life assessment. It is an evaluative framework used to judge the degree to which government policy increased or decreased the quality of life for all people as defined by their capabilities. It is meant to go beyond monetary indicators of well-being. Income and employment are commonly used to capture a person’s well-being, and yet, we know that well-being is constitutive of a much richer set of factors. For example, one’s social relations and integration in a community…

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  • Florini And Nussbaum Social Contract Theory

    However, critics have identified flaws in this approach. For instance, Lamey(2001) has given the example of a wealthy handicapped person in a wheelchair : she doesn 't have any financial constraints but only an absence of opportunity for getting access to public places. Even if she hires a porter to carry her to her desired places, still it won 't solve her problem. Her sense of self-respect and dignity will be restored only when she would be able to move on her own. Only wheel chair-accessible…

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  • Martha Nussbaum Women's Rights Summary

    Martha Nussbaum develops a theory based on capabilities to achieve a life full of dignity in Women and cultural universals. The capabilities she selects are meant to direct politics away from being used for survival and move it to achieve full human function where each individual flourish. She states “We want to describe a life in which the dignity of human being is not violated by hunger or fear or absence of opportunity.” (women and cultural universals, page 40). Because of the traditions set…

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  • Positivity And The Capabilities Approach By Eranda Jayawickreme?

    Pawelski, evaluates the suitability of Nussbaum’s substantive account of capabilities (Jayawickreme, & Pawelski, 2016). Empirical and conceptualized work has shown the value of positivity, widely sought after quality, that proves to influence general outcomes, economics and overall wellbeing (Jayawickreme, & Pawelski, 2016). While Nussbaum sees positive emotions as incidental to the experience of well-being, Jayawickreme and Pawelski believe that experience and mental state is as influential…

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  • Analysis Of Amartya Sen's Capability Approach

    Amartya Sen’s capability approach is a theoretical framework for the evaluation of individual welfare. It provides a theoretical basis for inequality, poverty and policy analysis. In the recent decades the capability approach has gained much popularity as emphasis is laid on human development that goes beyond the previously important notions of sheer economic development. The earlier aspects of capability approach can be traced in the works of Aristotle, Karl Marx and Adam Smith; however, it is…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing In Schools

    Argument Against Standardized Testing President Bush is promoting annual standardized testing for all students in grades three through eight. This bill is currently being considered in Congress, and has garnered much support. As of right now, 15 states test students in those grades, and more than 20 have high school exit exams, which look only at the test score of a student, not at his or her academic achievements. Standardized testing is an unfair and inaccurate form of…

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  • Brett's War Theory

    B.H. Liddell Hart’s approach was evident in both the adversaries. This was an attack by a non-state actor (arguably with state support) against a powerful sovereign state using an undeclared and limited war tactic. The attacks’ objectives (again, arguably) were to instill fear, likely to warn the West that new influences were being tested and expanded in south Asia and the Middle East to change the global balance of power and geopolitical realities. Osama Bin Laden’s network could not hope to…

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  • Deutsche Allgemeinversicherung Case Study

    Deutsche Allgemeinversicherung (DAV) is using statistical process controls (SPC) due to DAV Kundendienstgruppe (DAKG) having issues with data entry of policyholder’s applications lack of quality and technical issues. One area of customer service that required improvement overall at DAV was the ability to process information and data without mistakes, as well as retrieving it in a timely fashion. In order to do this, DAKG started measuring quality by using Statistical Process Control (SPC), which…

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  • Amgis Case Analysis Essay

    compared to the previous year. Hence, "to better understand the various factors involved in this labor and production relationship" the team performed a cause and effect analysis using fishbone diagram as shown below: To critique this phase: In this phase though the team has identified and focused on the problem statement and data collection points they should have adapted a measurement system analysis to make sure that the gage reads the value accurately and precisely for every measurement…

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  • Jos A Bank Case Study

    in the field. Supplier and factory related defects decreased by 30% every year since 1989. Run test failures were less than 1%. In 1994 the plant earned ISO 9001 registration and was tri-registered with the American Gas Association, the British Standards Institute and the Underwriters Laboratory. The condensing high efficiency line had seven key aspects of production that were charted such as the torque on the blower wheel. They had a roving inspector for each line ensuring all models were…

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