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  • Capital Structure And Capital Value

    Abstract The factors affecting the firm’s value been the subject of considerable studies for both academics ‎and professionals, especially how capital structure decision affects firm value in what way and to ‎what extent. However, the overall effect of leverage on firm’s value is still a debatable issue and ‎there is no certainty about it. This research aims to examine the impact of capital structure decision ‎on firm value for firms listed on American stock exchanges and included within S&P 500 index, in ‎addition to examining determinants of leverage. Furthermore, the research tested empirically the ‎influence of leverage structure on firm value given different growth and size opportunities of firms ‎included in sample. The sample included…

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  • Productive Capital And Investment Analysis

    Assumptions of the model and set up follows Jeanne and Ranciere (2011), however, their representative economy has no productive capital and investment. In this paper, adding productive capital and investment, the economy modelled as an endowment economy. Our model is based on small open economy assumptions. There is only one good which is consumed domestically and abroad. Economy consist of discrete infinite time t=0,1,2… and has the risk of sudden stops which is the only reason of uncertainty.…

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  • Capital Punishment

    One of the most debated subjects out in society is capital punishment. Capital punishment is taking the life of another human for committing crimes at the capital offense level. There are many people who disagree as well as agree on capital punishment. Some say it is cruel and unusual punishment others believe the crime should fit the punishment which in some cases death is the punishment. Many people have their own opinions on capital punishment. I am going to specify on why people believe we…

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  • Capital Investment In Health Care

    Financial capital is extremely vital to hospitals providing and maintaining high patient quality care. Also with keeping quality, patient care the hospital needs to remain financially stable. Being a health care manager, you oversee many expenditures that go to the hospital. Whether it is directly managing the cost of supplies, equipment in the hospital and, the staff that works in the hospital, much responsibility is placed on the healthcare manager. A healthcare manager also makes sure your…

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  • Social Capital Analysis

    Just as any other term there are many different ways that social capital can be defined. Social capital is solely about the relation between individuals and entities and how they can be economically valuable. Social capital incorporates social networks in its process. Social networks are made up of people who trust one another. They also help each other, giving them power through the assets they gain. Economic growth depends on the presence of economic, capital, social capital, which all enhance…

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  • Modern Capital Punishment

    Many people have condemned capital punishment, as well as praised it. Beccaria (2010), a classical philosopher on the death penalty, heavily critiqued the entire process entailing capital punishment. His key argument is that capital punishment does not prevent the offenders, but in its place, the long-term detention makes a long lasting impression on the attention of the audience. In addition, the death penalty has injurious impacts on the society by minimizing the sensitivity to human…

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  • Three Forms Of Capital In Education

    Three forms of capital have a tremendous impact on education and will affect all future teachers. The first form of capital is social capital. Social capital is defined according to Eval (2016) as either “obligations and expectations, information channels, or as social norms” (p. 1). The implication of social capital in education is that “social patterns and processes” “contribute to the ethnic disparities of student achievement” (Eval, 2016,p. 1). As teachers, we need to be aware of how much…

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  • Investing In Human Capital

    According to experts, the human capital originated with Theodore Schultz, an economist that was interested in the world’s underdeveloped countries. Mr. Schultz claimed that improving the welfare of poor people did not depend on equipment, energy, land, but rather on education. He also argued that many have neglected to see human beings as capital and therefore they have done a poor job encouraging knowledge. Economist Theodore Schultz became a winner of the Noble Peace Prize in 1979. Today,…

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  • Human Capital Theory Essay

    Theodore Schultz (1961) argues that there is plausible cause to believe that human capital is responsible for the economic growth from 1900 to 1956 and even today, although economists and society grapple with the thought of investing in human beings as “capital goods.” Not only does it go against the grain of our moral values to refer to human as “capital goods” but that it is intolerable and it degrades people. This paper identifies with and examines the concept of human capital theory from…

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  • Capital Punishment Pros

    Alternatives to Capital Punishment One of the larger topics of debate in the United States has consistently been the death penalty. The debate generally is on whether or not the death penalty should be used and or if the practice of executing criminals is being done in a relatively safe and effective way. The main reasons behind the support of the death penalty generally are a sense of justice to the families of the victim and or a sense of security for society from any potential danger. Many…

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