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  • Importance Of Architecture In Capital Cities

    Capitals are also a bridge between local culture and the assumed culture of the nation-state. The architecture of the capital cities is important because they create political identities, especially during the time of crisis (economic crisis, war, etc) or political change. Although capital cities express national and political identities, but other cities hardly express the national and political identities. For this to be achieved the city would need to be made entirely anew to fully express in built form the aspirations and agenda of the ruling…

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  • Micro-Economic Conditions Essay

    Hence, reforms were undertaken in the service related sector, as mentioned before, institutional changes, such as the legislation of the double leisure day or weekends and public holidays as well as paid leaves, loosen control in the outdoor sector to other social agencies, the establishment of corresponding administrative departments overseeing the operation of the market as well as the implementation of supportive policies (e.g. taxation relief). It is under these circumstances that various…

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  • Garden City Essay

    4.1 CITY LEVEL INITIATIVES: 4.1.1 Chandigarh: Chandigarh has more than 35% of its geographical area under forests, parks and trees covers making it one of the greenest cities of the country. It is one of the modern planned cities of India. Chandigarh has a geographical area of about 140 sq,km, has a population of about 10,54,686 according to 2011 census and density around 7912 persons/ The per capita availability of green space is around 55 sq.m and the number of green spaces in terms of…

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  • Zwia Lipkin Nanjing Summary

    various social problems in the city and the continuous effort to create the desired model of a “modern” national capital between 1927-1937. Lipkin recounts in detail how the Nationalist aimed to boost the image of the new capital by eliminating various social problems including refugees, shantytowns, rickshaw pullers, prostitutes and beggars in the city in which she examines the successfulness in eradicating these problems. Lipkin explores the objectives that the Nationalist government hoped to…

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  • Sustainable Urban Transport Case Study

    FINANCING SUSTAINABLE URBAN TRANSPORT SYSTEM Introduction This is a comparative study on financing sustainable urban transport systems in cities of Asia and Europe. Financing a sustainable transport system involves huge amount of capital on building new roads, modern railway, air and water transport system. Many countries have to bear the financial burden and hindrance when sourcing capitals to fund a sustainable urban transport such as new roads, light railway transport, bus routes, bus…

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  • The White Tiger, By Aravind Adiga's The White Tiger

    pictures of a budding economy. This inequality of scale is the result of unequal development in India. Different plans including five year planning in India has nor decreased poverty nor improved the democratic share of resources. The reader confronts a world split in to various scales: urban, rural; national, regional and international. Money flows between different scales heaping abundance in particular area and poverty in others. According to Harvey there are two strata “develop highly…

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  • Analysis Of Nature's Metropolis By William Cronon

    relationship between the city and the country has typically been defined as a boundary where the city represents pristine and unfallen whereas the country is often seen as corrupt and unredeemed. A journey from the country to the city symbolizes, more of less, a journey from pastoral simplicity to cosmopolitan sophistication, from purity to corruption, or even from the past into the future. In no better case was this relationship present than in the city of Chicago. In the book Nature’s…

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  • The Death And Life Of Great American Cities Analysis

    observed patterns in the way cities were constructed in both physical and social aspects of their environments. For the first time in American history, a fresh and innovative, at the time radical, movement sprung up due to the observations and claims that Jacobs proposed in her book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities. During the 1950’s, modernism had already become an established (and universally accepted) ethos in American city planning. Jane Jacobs witnessed the shortcomings of the…

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  • Edward Glaeser's Triumph Of The City

    Triumph of the City: Book Report The future is not Orange County. The future is not West Bloomfield, Michigan. The future is not Rye, New York. The future is Detroit. As preposterous as that statement might seem, it is one Edward Glaeser and I, both believe to be true. While suburbs are always going to be a part of the American and international lifestyle, in my opinion, they will never be the focal part of our future. Cities, on the other hand, have always been a fixture and will always be a…

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  • Elsweyr Summary

    Zan’ar talked many others in the city and was told that anyone who wanted to volunteer in a special group will help in fighting the dragons would get a large payout. Zan’ar thought that this was a good idea. This would help his family and this would set them up for life. After talking to his family about this they denied and said that traveling that far alone is dangerous. Zan’ar did not care and told his family that he is leaving first thing in the morning and will return with many riches and…

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