Importance Of Architecture In Capital Cities

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Architecture is a thing and an intellectual activity by which we can judge and acknowledge architecture by the presence of these both. Ranging from all types of material culture, architecture is the most expressive and experiencing medium. As a medium, architecture has a language also through which we can identify the culture and society of a particular era. Architecture also discloses the desires, power struggles and material culture of a society along with the aesthetic and formal presence of an architect. As anthropologist Victor Buchli asserts, “Often the way to understand a given society is to understand the physical and, by metamorphic extension, the social architecture of its organization.” Where the architecture is employed, it reflects …show more content…
Capitals are also a bridge between local culture and the assumed culture of the nation-state. The architecture of the capital cities is important because they create political identities, especially during the time of crisis (economic crisis, war, etc) or political change. Although capital cities express national and political identities, but other cities hardly express the national and political identities. For this to be achieved the city would need to be made entirely anew to fully express in built form the aspirations and agenda of the ruling …show more content…
Many different types of built structures comes in the concept of monumentality such as palaces, elite residences, administrative complexes and political centres; ceremonial centres and temples; fortifications and defensive compounds; and tomb constructions. These types of monumental structures never fail to create a sense of group identity or even of distinct identities (the ones who built these structures and the ones who used and lived in these structures). Such monuments embody not just the earth or stone from which they were built, but the people and experiences involved in their construction: they thus hold a special place in human memory, and in individual or group identity.

Architecture is directly related to the political power as it serves as a model for the system of structural thoughts such as the understanding of social and political relationships, which is used by the society to create a world. The monumental architecture is created by these political powers, depicting the power of individuals responsible for their creation and illustrating the nature of that

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