Canyon de Chelly National Monument

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  • Chauncey Neboyia

    Dorothy Neboyia is from the Ta 'neezhaanii clan. The Neboyia 's have a belief that the earth is their mother. The earth will give them what they need to survive, which becomes their bodies. It is said that the earth, wind, and water have particular offerings to give to them and the animals. The earth, wind, and water sustain each other as well as other living creatures, but that does not come without a price because they can also injure and destroy. The Neboyia 's have to travel between three different homes because of the necessity for their livestock being able to graze. The family will travel between Hogan and Black rock depending on the season. During the winter the family lives in Winter Hogan which is a half mile from Canyon De Chelly. The canyon gets very little sunlight during the winter, but during the spring there is plenty of new growth so the Neboyia 's move here during the spring. When it is summer the Neboyia 's move to Black Rock where they plant their crops. It costs a lot of money to plow the fields. So each person will carry corn in buckets and plant them two feet apart after the tractor. Pollen on the tassels of the corn is checked which would mean that the corn is ripe. This also means that the earth is continuing the reproductive cycle. The corn to the Neboyia 's is a symbol of interdependence. It is a symbol of the earth as their mother. The corn relies on them as well as they on the corn. The animals also play a very important part in the Neboyia 's…

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  • Trail Descriptive Writing

    I’m bathed in neon, green spilling through the leaves above my head. The color comes not from lights or signs but from sunlight pouring its hot rays down upon the Canadian forest. I’m sweating, beads of liquid streaking down my dirty face. Every other second I hear the buzz of incoming mosquitos like tiny fighter jets preparing for an airstrike, thrumming. The trail beneath my damp sneakers is compact despite the previous days’ rains. My watch beeps, and I fish it out of my breast pocket…

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  • The Sedona Culture

    around 622. These conquests brought an end to the Byzantine Empire, which itself comprised the eastern remnants of the Roman Empire. So yes, we’re talking a long, long time ago. The Sinagua culture is known for its art--petroglyphs, pottery and basketry--as well as its masonry. Midway between Phoenix and Sedona, we stop at the Montezuma Castle. The Castle is one of the best-preserved cliff dwellings in North America. My wife compared it to a pre-historic high-rise: five-stories of stone and…

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  • General Custer's Ethical Leadership

    Synthesis Essay – General George A. Custer MSgt Andrew F. Stokes Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy General George A. Custer When we talk about General George A. Custer you may fail to realize that he was a murderer of innocent men, women and children and how his failed leadership led to his death. In this paper you will see that General Custer is not an Ethical nor Visionary Leader. First you will see that his failed visionary ability, through the lack of…

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