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  • Summary: The Romance Of The Three Kingdoms

    contributions to science and medicine has cemented his mark throughout the world. Fig. 2- ‘Hua Tuo Scrapes the Bone to Treat Guan Yu 's Arrow Wound’ by Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1853) an excerpt from a scene in from the series “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” Despite Hua Tuo’s reputation, he was not immune to the corruption and paranoia of those in power. He was summoned by the ruler of the Wei state, Cao Cao, to treat his chronic headaches, to which Hua Tuo reluctantly responded. Upon inspecting his symptoms, Hua Tuo concluded that the cause for his chronic migraine headaches turned out to be a brain tumor. (Dharmananda) Hua Tuo tried to explain that, in order to remove the tumor, he would have to cut open Cao Cao’s skull. Upon hearing this, Cao Cao had accused Hua Tuo, claiming that he had planned on murdering him under the guise of performing an operation. He had become paranoid largely due to a previous plot by a former physician named Ji Ben who tried to assassinate him. Cao Cao then had Hua Tuo imprisoned then executed in 207 CE. At the time of his death, Hua Tuo was the age of 97 . Later on, Cao Cao went on to admit that he regretted executing Hua Tuo when his son died of illness in 208 CE . Hua Tuo’s accounts and manuscripts describing his medical innovations and procedures have largely been either destroyed or lost. Some of the only surviving accounts of Hua Tuo’s procedures include the process of castration which was still practiced long after he had died. The practices…

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  • Cao Dai Religion

    Cao Dai: A New Faith Kyle MacNeill World Relgions 4/4/16 “Each time that human beings suffered when societies became chaotic, a religion was founded”(CaoDai Concepts). There have been hundreds of attempts to answer questions such as why we are here and what is our purpose. When times looked bad and people had nothing to turn to faith was always there. Conflict forced similar minded people to band together and stand for what they believe in. While many chose to solve their…

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  • Four Types Of Long Term Memory

    I read that novel when i was only twelve years old and it taught me much more interesting lessons than i was expected. The main story is about the war of three states: Wei, Wu, and Shu. Through several centuries, as long as the war was occurring, there were many heroes, born and died, but the one who made me feel impress the most was Zhuge Liang, the strategist of the Shu Kingdom. He was very famous for his intelligence as well as his military battle skill. The most well-known battle he was in…

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  • Changes And Changes Of The Han Dynasty

    When the Han rule fell in 220 CE, no leader or individual was powerful enough to reunify China under a single emperor. The three kingdoms were made up of Wei, Shu, and Wu. These three were competing for control of China. Disintegration of the society, constant, foreign incursions, and foreign reign throughout the north lasted until 280 CE. These factors was called and the dynastic rule did not last very long. Throughout the Three Kingdom, China 's population decreased significantly. The…

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  • Martin Johnson Heade's Tropical Twimmingbird Landscapes

    foreground figures surrounded by a gradual vignette of receding middle ground. Art historian Maggie M. Cao believes that studying and deciphering the startling inconsistencies of Heade’s hummingbird landscapes helps to reveal meaning in paintings that are otherwise only thought of in association with scientific studies or still-life paintings…

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  • Raman Spectra Analysis

    Each Si cation in the center is surrounded by four oxygen anions, and all the tetrahedron SiO44- complexes are connected to each other by Si–O–Si bonds called bridging oxygen (BO). When cations such as Na+ or Ca2+, are added (in the form of Na2O or CaO) to SiO, they break some of the Si–O–Si bonds and form the nonbridging oxygen (O-) NBO, thus de polymerizes molten slag. When Al2O3 is added in mold flux, Al3+ ions are amphoteric and can enter as both the network formers and the network…

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  • Calcification Lab

    (17) r = 1000/m2 (18) where NNaOH is the concentration of NaOH in the liquor after calcification (g/L) , N1, N2, and N3 are the mass composition of Na2O in dry red mud befor/after calcification and the addition of CaO (%), m1 is the mass of fresh red mud added to…

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  • Case Study Of Hamilton Elementary School

    the necessary staff to address any concern they may have. The assets differed in that Mrs. DiPietro has more assets available to her than Mrs. Cao. For instance, Mrs. DiPietro allows her students to use the necessary tools to help them succeed, such as laptops, iPads, cell phones, etc. Mrs. Cao also allows her students to use the necessary tools to succeed. However, most of the students at Hamilton do not have cell phones and since it is an inner city school they are provided with very few…

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  • Stormwater Runoff: A Case Study

    ordinances, collectively known as the Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO, 2004). Despite the ordinances being intended to improve environmental impacts due to stormwater runoff by enlarging buffers around wetlands, increased restrictions on stormwater runoff due to development, and restricting grading and clearing, it came under great controversy (CAO, 2004). As reported by Mulady (2008), in 2008 the state appellate court overturned the most controversial aspect of the CAO which stated that rural…

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  • Desulphurization Of Steel Case Study

    steel is very promising. However, the number of practical and theoretical data on the use of rare earth metals for desulfurization is limited. Therefore the work in this direction should be considered very important. It is known, that the refining ability of the flux is determined by the percentage of basic oxides (CaO, Ce2O3) in the slag and the proportion of aluminum in the metal, which coordinates its oxidation. The process of desulfurization occurs in the decomposition of oxides into oxygen…

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